Chris Chambers’ Stalker, Divorce Lead To Release

People around the league were slightly surprised by the outright release of Chris Chambers by the San Diego Chargers earlier this week. While the veteran receiver’s production was down significantly, releases in the middle of a season don’t happen that often, and the whispers were that there had to be something more going on.

Stacey Saunders Chris Chambers' Stalker
(It’s a pretty woman’s mugshot. In the middle of a sports story. That’s never, ever a good sign.)

Boy howdy, was there ever. The woman shown above is one Stacey Saunders, a San Diego woman who, according to the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, has allegedly been intent on ruining Chris Chambers’ family for the past few months. In police reports and divorce proceedings, Chambers and his soon-to-be ex-wife claim that after a brief affair with Chambers, Saunders has been harassing him and his wife over the phone and via text message, to the point that it led to a divorce and disrupted his ability to perform on the field. So off you go, sir.

If this sounds all a bit familiar, well, it should.

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Nowitzki’s “Pregnant” Ex-Fiancee Is Not Pregnant

One of the stranger aspects of the Dirk Nowitzki/Cristal Taylor saga - aside from the fact that she was engaged to an NBA player until he ran a background check on her and found more red flags than Tienanmen Square - has been the media’s willingness to accept her claims, even as she’s being held on suspicion of fraud.

Dirk Nowitzki, Cristal Taylor
(Smile, Dirk! But not like that, please. Never like that.)

So when, for example, Taylor claimed to be pregnant, there were plenty of tuts and moans to go around when Nowitzki essentially washed his hands of her. See the POST, HUFFINGTON, for example. The actual foolish behavior, though, would be having taken Taylor at her word.

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Michael Beasley Checks Into Rehab Post-Pot Photo

• After a purported pic of pot pops up on his Twitter account, Miami Heat player Michael Beasley has been checked into a rehab facility.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

• Car accidents? Plane crashes? Stranded in the Canadian wilderness for days? Junior hockey coach Punch McLean has survived it all.

• Will American sports teams soon follow their European counterparts and start banning unruly fans from their games?

Ron Zook takes exception to Urban Meyer’s recent mutterings about the Zooker’s alleged terrible treatment of Florida freshmen.

• ESPN plans on showing this season’s USC-Ohio State football match-up in 3-D. Cringe in terror as Jim Tressel’s sweater vest engulfs you!

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The Curious Case Of Cristal Taylor Ends In Prison

You remember Cristal TaylorDirk Nowitzki’s ex-fiance, who says that she’s pregnant with his child — yeah, that one. She was sentenced to five years in prison this morning in a court in St. Charles, Missouri, on a 12-year-old forgery and theft case.

Dirk Nowitzki, Cristal Taylor

It’s never a good sign in a relationship when the man you want to marry (allegedly) hires investigators and turns you in, having you arrested in his own house. That happened in May, and now the 38-year-old St. Louis-area native is going to the Graybar Hotel for a number of transgressions, mostly forgery and writing bad checks.

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Dirk’s Troubled Fiancée Dated ex-QB Tony Banks

When the story broke about Dirk Nowitzki’s fiancee, Cristal Taylor, being arrested at his house on outstanding warrants, one seemingly benign detail that got us salivating was her age: 37. That told us one thing: there’s more. Women don’t turn criminally manipulative in their mid-30’s; it usually hits by puberty. So considering that Taylor’s had nearly two decades as an adult to pull some wild stunts, we knew more crazy stories were en route.

Tony Banks

On that note, enter Tony Banks (the one shown above, not the dude from Genesis). Remember when he was quarterbacking the St. Louis Rams before Kurt Warner showed up? Remember how he wasn’t very good? Well, apparently he was good enough back in 1997 - good enough for Cristal Taylor, anyway. Banks shared his bizarre story with the DALLAS MORNING NEWS about the best kind of young love: with a noticeably crazy woman. Read more…

Nowitzki’s “Pregnant Fiancée” Arrested For Fraud

Today’s headlines have been dominated by Manny, but there’s some weird stuff brewing down in Dallas, where a woman who is reportedly Dirk Nowitzki’s pregnant fiancée has been arrested on fraud charges. Cristal Taylor, who has used at least eight aliases while racking up what appears to be a number of bills that she had no intention of paying, was picked up by Dallas police at Nowitzki’s house on Wednesday morning on an outstanding warrant.

Cristal Taylor

(Clearly, you can see why Dirk was so captivated by this woman)

And it appears that Dirk may have been involved in turning her in. Sources told CBS 11 in Dallas that a private investigator hired by Nowitzki accompanied the arresting officers, along with lawyers who were serving an eviction notice to her (she had been living at Dirk’s house for more than a year). She’s reportedly still in prison needing $20,000 to get bailed out, which is chump change for Dirk. But it doesn’t sound like he’s going to show up.

More strange details after the jump.

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