Collinsworth Was Quite The (Young) Ladies’ Man

As you watch the very first Football Night in America iteration of the regular season, you’ll probably be treated to a large helping of Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels‘ new partner in the booth with John Madden retiring over the offseason to focus his time on Turducken engineering.

Cris Collinsworth SI cover
(He sure was, ladies… he sure was.)

And as you watch Mr. Collinsworth, be sure to watch for any instances in which he criticizes youthful indiscretions of various players. For while the league’s current disciplinary system scarcely allows players to so much as acknowledge that another woman is attractive, Collinsworth certainly took liberties with the more lax standards of professionalism in his day; in the video below, you’ll see him waxing eloquently on the high school girls that love him so much. Really.

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Warning: Matt Millen About To Appear On Your TV

I didn’t watch that much of NBC’s pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl yesterday because frankly, the two weeks of build up to the game was enough for me. I didn’t need another five hours of hearing about how nobody expected the Cardinals to be there, or how Ben Roethlisberger was nervous during his first trip to the Super Bowl against the Seahawks a few years ago. That and I didn’t want to hear Tiki Barber say things like the Cardinals “are a team of density”.

Matt Millen warning

I’m sure a lot of people in Detroit felt the same way, because everywhere they looked there were reminders of how bad the Detroit Lions suck. First of all, they were at a Super Bowl, something the Lions may not even know exists. Then there was Jerome Bettis, who is from Detroit and won a Super Bowl in Detroit, but not for the Lions. Oh, and then there was Matt Millen on the screen every few minutes pretending to know anything about football, when any Lions fan could tell you he clearly doesn’t. Dealing with Millen’s mug on the screen was probably more than any Lions fan could take, so thankfully Detroit’s NBC affiliate made sure to run a warning on the screen whenever he showed up.


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King Is Not Impressed With Sapp, TV Personality

Evidently, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Peter King has other interests outside of polishing Brett Favre’s marbles. He also has time — despite what would appear to be a 40-hour-a-week job (those marbles have a luster you just don’t see from part-time polishing) — to point out that Warren Sapp is a loud-mouthed crank. Ironical.

Warren Sapp

You see, Sapp, recently retired NFL defensive lineman, will be one of the new faces on “Inside the NFL,” which, after a long run on HBO, will premiere on Showtime this season with a mostly new cast. A cast, by the way, that won’t include King, who appeared on the show for six years.

So what set King off? From MMQB:

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Blog-A-Roni: Shaq Says Bill Broke ‘Big Man Code’

WITH LEATHER, via AOL FANOUSE, uploads video of Shaq calling out Bill Walton for breaking the “Big Man Code”:

• RANDBALL asks that we all hail Wally Szczerbiak’s new son, Maximus.

• THE 700 LEVEL finally found a reason to show up for a Sixers game - a Mr. Potatohead giveaway!

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