Dissecting This Silly Pudge-For-Farnsworth Trade

Here at the SPORTSbyBROOKS Sporting Institute of Sportsbloggery, we are dedicated to give you the silly, the bizarre, and the best stories the world has to offer. We are also honored to bring you pictures of the girls you want to see. (Speaking of… hey Brooks? it appears that new SbB girl isn’t answering my last 36 telephone calls. She must’ve forgot. Could ya get on that? Much appreciated, boss.) But we also want to ensure that you don’t merely glaze over one of the oddest trades to hit the sports world in quite some time. (Note: “quite some time” in the Internet cycle does not exceed 90 days, with rare exceptions.)

Pudge-Farnsworth trade

While the world waits and pines for a Favre trade, a Manny trade, or the Trix Rabbit finally getting his cereal, what has happened was the Ivan Rodriguez-for-Kyle Farnsworth deal. And yes, it happened so fast, most Tigers and Yankees’ heads are still spinning. So let’s find out exactly what happened, and what the folks are saying about it. Read more…