Texas HS Cheerleaders Get Probation For Hazing

This summer we brought you the story of the Morton Ranch High School varsity cheerleaders, who got into some trouble for some bizarre hazing rituals. Included in these “rituals” were defecating in pants and placing them on a JV girl’s head, and tying girls up and throwing them in a swimming pool.

Morton Ranch High School cheerleaders

Charges were filed against the offending girls, and two of them had their punishment handed out today by the D.A.’s office in Harris County, Texas. And, all things considered, it wasn’t that bad.

Photos of crazy after the jump.

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People Would Be Happy To Stalk This Cheerleader

Let’s end the day with the bizarre story of a University of Florida cheerleader who falsely claimed she was being stalked. Turned out she was kind of stalking herself. And she got arrested. Nice.

Lauren Beard

See, Lauren Beard doesn’t look all that crazy. The GAINESVILLE SUN tells us otherwise. Read more…