Brooke Hundley Used Craigslist To Harass Phillips

As details of the utterly botched affair between Steve Phillips and Brooke Hundley emerge, two patterns seem to become clearer. One: Phillips probably had no business ever hooking up with a 22-year-old, much less a co-worker. Two: He certainly underestimated Hundley’s crazy.

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips
(Still say this relationship could work.)

As the NEW YORK POST continues its investigation, it looks like Hundley’s posing as a high school classmate of Phillips’ son wasn’t an isolated incident; she appears to have a knack for assuming new identities online, identities crafted for the sole purpose of getting into the Phillips’ life and breaking up the marriage. Next stop: CRAIGSLIST.COM; why, where else is someone supposed to hire a phone stalker for $50?

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“Troy Polamalu” Will Nail Your Wife For SB Tickets

Craigslist is a magical place, isn’t it? In the old days, to buy or sell something, you’d need the social skills to meet someone in person, or at least the motor skills to Xerox a flyer. But now, all you need is a dream. One Pittsburgh man has a dream: to go to the Super Bowl and root on his Steelers. He also has long hair, so he’s offering himself up as a Troy Polamalu lookalike and offering to do anything in exchange for a Super Bowl ticket. And he means anything.

Troy Polamalu

Instead of going to Tampa and seeing the real Troy Polamalu, you can have someone who bears a passing resemblance to him shovel your snow! Or fix your computer! Or have sex with your wife!

Say what?

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McCain Undone By “Thaw Ted Williams” Lobby?

David Ortiz is hurt. Josh Beckett is ineffective. The Rays aren’t rolling over. You’d think Red Sox fans had more important things to worry about than Ted Williams‘ frozen corpse. You’d be wrong.

John McCain as Ted Williams

At the intersection of Craigslist and Boston lies the nexus of crazy. Consider this post from an outraged fan calling on all fans to “show [their] team spirit” by making sure the Splendid Splinter’s final resting place isn’t headless and upside down in a large popsicle mold somewhere in Arizona. Hey, isn’t Arizona the home state of a certain politician running for a certain higher office? Therein lies a major campaign issue. Apparently. (Verbatim crazy after the jump.)
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Blogz: Rampage’s Shredded Tires Can Be Yours!

• Remember Quinton Jackson’s little vehicular Rampage on Tuesday? Well, CAGE TODAY catches someone on Craigslist trying to sell pieces of the UFC fighter’s shredded tires.

Rampage Jackson shredded tire

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS keeps it rocking in their interview with MLB hurler-turned-punk band troubador Scott Radinsky.

• Besides HGH shipping receipts for Roger Clemens, FOOD COURT LUNCH investigates what else Kirk Radomski found underneath his broken TV set.

• RED SOX MONSTER learns that even the ASSOCIATED PRESS isn’t giving Dan Uggla a break from his “uggly”All-Star performance.

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“Patriots Widows” Trolling For Sex During Games?

We’re not sure how we missed this one, but a few days ago the BOSTON HERALD reported on something it termed as “Patriots Widows” - women seeking men on for sex while their men are away at Pats games in Foxborough.

Patriots Fans

Pretty amusing stuff, but not surprisingly, BOSTONIST outs the Herald for overblowing the trend, noting that, “whenever a major sports event takes place in the city, someone at the Herald scours the craigslist romance posts for sports-related ads. Last time, during the World Series, the Herald found a few posts indicating that Red Sox victories boosted the sex drive.

This time, the Herald claims to find something new–’frustrated fraus,’ or ‘Patriots widows,’ who feel that Their Man is too absorbed in the game.

Yet, The Herald did have some Craigslist posts as evidence that spurned sex-hungry spouses probably exist.

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