Craig Sager’s Son Is Starting To Scare Us A Bit

It’s postseason baseball on TBS these days, which means we get to enjoy yet another season of Craig Sager wandering around on our television in his eye-scalding multi-colored horrorcoats, asking athletes and coaches tough questions like “How’s that going out there?” or “Is this game important to you?” But there’s something you probably didn’t know about him: he has a son - also named Craig - on the Georgia football team. As in the SEC. And Spawn of Sager is a little unsettling.

Craig Sager Junior Hulked Out

You’re probably wondering why you hadn’t heard of a Craig Sager on such a high-profile program like the Georgia Bulldogs. The SEC was made for celebrities, after all! Turns out, he’s a walk-on and on Georgia’s scout team. He, um… he may not have been very highly recruited, as it turns out.

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