Cowboys Fan Slugs DC Man After Car Flag Swipe

It’s a popular saying (or warning) that you don’t mess with Texas. And it also seems that you don’t mess with a Dallas Cowboys fan, or more importantly, his car flag - unless you’re cruising for a bruising.

Dallas Cowboys car flag

(Cowboys motorist warns: You touch-a my flag, I break-a you face)

But one gentleman in Washington must not have been given this advice. Yesterday evening, a pedestrian who was crossing the street in downtown D.C. noticed the flag flying from a car stopped in traffic. So the guy did what any Redskins fan would do when seeing a symbol of their hated NFC East rival invading their territory - he grabbed the flag, took it off the car, threw it to the ground, and continued walking across the street.

And that was that, right? Wrong, pardner.

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