Why Is Dallas Academy Being Let Off The Hook?

The poor girl’s basketball team that lost 100-0 is gaining more and more national attention by the day. We now know that Dallas Academy is a small private school for girls with learning disabilities, and that the team from Covenant School probably kept the pressure on for a bit too long, not backing off until hitting the century mark.

Dallas Academy

And while I think it’s fine that the the Dallas Academy girls are getting a lot of media love for their perseverance in the face of adversity, why do I keep thinking that the real problem is with the people at their school who allowed their girls to get embarrassed in the first place?

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Fans Boo Senior Citizen, Who Totally Deserves It

There’s an English saying that sports fans have memories like goldfish, but for soccer supporters who booed an 80-year-old man last week, their memories might be closer to those of elephants.

Jimmy Hill

(Jimmy Hill: OBE, short order cook, and all-around douchebag.)

Jimmy Hill, now a TV analyst, was on hand at a match in London to honor a former teammate. But as soon as he was spotted, thousands of visiting Sunderland fans let Hill, who hasn’t played since 1961, know he wasn’t welcome. Why? A brilliant, machiavellian move more than 30 years old.

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