Tiger Woods Designing Golf Course In The Middle East

TIGER PAR FOR COURSE W/GOLF DESIGNS IN PERSIAN GULF: Tiger Woods is putting his mark on golfing in Dubai, as he helps create a new course in the Middle Eastern nation:

Tiger Woods desert

YAHOO SPORTS slices in with news that Woods has finished the designs for his first three holes for the proposed Al Ruwaya course. He’s all ready to get the clubs swinging for holes #12, #17 and #18.We would have started with holes 1, 2 & 3, but when you’re Tiger Woods, you can plan out courses in any order you darn well please.

In addition to the desert range, Woods is also working on a 50,000 square-foot mansion, as a little place to call his own when he’s in town - and to hide out from relatives.

The abode will be part of a 287-house development next to the course, with homes as big as 100,000 square feet and prices as high as $23 million.

Afghanistan golf course

When he’s done in Dubai, maybe Tiger could leap a few countries over and help Afghanistan’s only course get out of the rough.