Tom Brady Sued Over Shooty Costa Rica Wedding

You may recall the Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen wedding, v 2.0, this past April which featured an open bar, monkeys and intermittent gunplay. Two members of the paparazzi who hid in the jungle taking photos on the sly said that security guards hired by Brady tried to muscle them for their cameras, and then shot at them when they ran for it.

The photographers, Yuri Cortez and Carlos Avi, have filed a $1 million lawsuit against Brady and his bride over the incident. The claim that Brady hired a security force that wasn’t properly trained, and that the whole thing too closely resembled various scenes from “Romancing the Stone.” Anyway, here’s Brady’s reaction this morning:

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Bündchen-Büttchin Wedding Is Marred By Gunfire

The second Tom Brady-Gisele Bündchen wedding went down in Costa Rica last night, and when you mix lawless Central America with the lawless NFL, something’s bound to go down. So it’s not a huge surprise that the power couple’s ceremony was interrupted by gunfire.

Yuri Cortez

No worries, straight men with a crush on Bündchen, and “straight” men with a mancrush on Brady; the happy couple is fine. The trouble occurred when the security detail came across paparazzi in the bushes, and fired on them as they attempted to escape. You know, the usual celebrity wedding stuff.

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Horrific Crash Kills Freestyle Motorcyclist Lusk

There are some things that the human body just wasn’t meant for. When ligaments snap or bones break, it is an unequivocal sign that the limits of stress tolerance have been exceeded (and with usually dire consequences). So when there’s a story about a motorcycle crash that involves the phrase “his full-face helmet shears apart on impact,” i.e. even the protective gear couldn’t withstand the impact, it’s safe to say something catastrophically violent has just taken place.

Jeremy Lusk
(Sometimes, there’s a cruel reminder that the phrase “death-defying” involves “death.”)

So that takes us to Costa Rica, where 24-year-old freestyle motorcyclist Jeremy Lusk, shown above, died two days after an awful crash at an X Riders show. As the USA TODAY reports, on the smaller of two jumps in a run, Lusk attempted a backflip, and the trick looked fine in the air. Upon landing, though, the bike pitched forward upon landing, catapulting Lusk face-first into the ground. Video of the crash is after the break if you’re enough of a bloodthirsty jackal to want to see it.

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