School Forced Mentally Challenged Into Fight Club

There’s one thing I’m getting increasingly sure of about people Texas: they sure love to see mentally challenged kids get beat up on. First it was figurative: Covenant High’s girls basketball team putting a 100-0 hurting on the team from Dallas Academy made up of players with learning disabilities. But now it’s a literal hurt, as the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that administrators at the Corpus Christi State School were forcing profoundly disabled students into “Fight Club”-style brawls.

Handicapped Boxing Glove

And - of course - they were filming their fights on a camera phone. However, none of the videos appear to have made their way onto the Internet yet, leaving Felony Fights as the most morally bankrupt thing you can watch. And in a sense, it’s a good thing that the fights were being videotaped. The whole horrific thing was exposed because someone lost the cell phone that had the videos on it, which was later turned in to an off-duty police officer after being found on the side of the road.

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