On-Ice Assault Mars MSU-Michigan Hockey Game

One of the most famous experiments in psychology is the Milgram Experiment; you’ve probably heard of it without knowing its name. The Yale study from the early 1960s involved unwitting subjects who were instructed to administer growing levels of electric shocks to their “subjects” when they would get a question wrong. The shocks were fake and the “subjects” actors, but nearly everybody in the study, once convinced that they would not face any repercussions for their actions, administered what they perceived to be excruciatingly painful shocks to the “subjects,” even as they pled for mercy. The message was clear: when culpability disappears, so does morality.

Steve Kampfer
(Kampfer’s head, in happier times.)

Keep that lesson in mind when you witness this video from Saturday’s hockey game between Michigan and Michigan State. Near the end of the 5-3 victory, Michigan State’s Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp react to a clean hit by Michigan’s Steve Kampfer (if that name sounds familiar, it is; read on for more) by blindsiding Kampfer, knocking him out, and continuing to assault him as he lay face-down on the ice, hospitalizing the defenseman. Video from FOX SPORTS DETROIT’s airing of the game is after the break.

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