Obscure NCAA Rule Dooms ‘Noles WR Surrency

If someone has a widget, and the operation of said widget begins to produce undesirable consequences, the logical course of action would be A) rectify whatever problems occurred, then B) fix the widget so those problems never happen again. Seems simple enough, right? Okay, let’s replace “widget” with “rule.” And then “someone” with “the NCAA.” Uh-oh.

Corey Surrency
(Surrency, prior to getting supremely dicked by the system.)

In yet another instance of an arcane rule working against its intended effect, Florida State wideout Corey Surrency has been suspended before his senior season. No, Surrency didn’t violate any team rules, cheat on a test, or get a DUI or anything. According to the ORLANDO SENTINEL, his transgression (we’re dead serious about this): playing for a minor league football team before he got to FSU but after his 21st birthday.

And the worst part? He was only in that league to get enough money to go to college in the first place. Read more…