Lions Retire Smith’s Number — For One Year Only

You figured the Lions would do something to honor the memory of Corey Smith, who went missing off Florida on Feb. 28. On cue, they’ve announced they’re retiring his number. Here’s the rub; they’re “retiring” it in the Brett Favre sense of retiring.

Corey Smith

So in 2009 no Lion will wear number 93. But in 2010, the number will be wide open again! Since no one wears it now, this means … absolutely nothing. Leave it to Detroit to put together a tribute that’s part inspiring, part insulting.

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Missing Boaters Freaked Out And Threw Punches

It’s been a couple of weeks since Nick Schuyler was rescued by the Coast Guard after a boat he was on with three friends, including NFL players Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith, capsized while on a fishing trip. Schuyler was the lone survivor of the ordeal as both Cooper and Smith along with Will Bleakley were never found. It’s a tragic story, and one we’re finally starting to get a clearer picture of now that Schuyler’s recovering.

Nick Schuyler

At first Schuyler told authorities that the two NFL players just gave up and let themselves drift away while Bleakley hung in for a few days before making a swim for it. According to a new 23-page report by the Coast Guard we now have a better idea of what really happened, and as it turns out, Schuyler’s original account wasn’t very far off although there are some new disturbing details.

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Detroit Radio Host Joked About NFLer Lost At Sea

With this, we would officially like to nominate Detroit WXYT radio host Mike Valenti for Keith Olberman’s nightly “Worst Person in the World” segment. Why? He felt it was appropriate to read out jokes instant messaged in to his sports talk show, the Sports Inferno, about Corey Smith after the former Lion defensive end was deemed lost at sea.

the sports inferno mike valenti terry foster

(From left, Mike Valenti and Sports Inferno co-host Terry Foster.)

According to the DETROIT FREE PRESS, Valenti has acted quickly to apologize for reading out one instant message that cracked a joke about Smith and another about the capsized boat that eventually claimed the lives of Smith, Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and former South Florida football player Will Bleakley. Of course, Valenti only apologized after the Lions team president, Tom Lewand raised his disgust about Valenti’s comments on Wednesday.

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Boat Survivor Schuyler: Bleakley Died In My Grasp

By now, everyone knows the sad story of Nick Schuyler and his boatmates who were lost at sea off the Florida coast. Well, the tragedy gets sadder, as Schuyler is now reportedly changing his story about what happened to his former South Florida teammate, Will Bleakley. Rather than watching Bleakley take off his lifevest and swim toward what he thought was a light in the distance, Schuyler now says his teammate died in his grasp, succumbing to severe hypothermia and dehydration.

Will Bleakley lost at sea

(Bleakley: Died in teammate’s arms.)

The new and crushing rendition of Bleakley’s end came out via Bleakley’s father, who spoke with Schuyler on the phone Wednesday and relayed the coversation to the TAMPA TRIBUNE. For the record, Schuyler seems to be sticking to his original story that linebacker Marquis Cooper and defensive end Corey Smith both drifted away from the boat, but the revised story of Bleakley’s final hours is so sad that it seems understandable that Schuyler would have lied about how he died when first asked.

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Survivor: NFL Boaters Let Sea Sweep Them Away

• The lone survivor of the NFL Florida boat wreck says Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper took off their life jackets & let the sea sweep them away.

Nick Schuyler NFL boat survivor

• Former New Orleans Saints RB Deuce McAllister is having a hell of a time with his car dealership in Mississippi.

• Good news: The Baltimore Orioles want to give you a free ticket for your birthday. Bad news: It’s for a Baltimore Orioles game.

• A couple of Wisconsin kids are in trouble for taking a whiz in sodas sold at a high school basketball game.

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Rescued Boater: NFLers Decided To “Drift Away”

The chances that Detroit Lion Corey Smith, Oakland Raider Marquis Cooper, and fellow boater Will Bleakley will ever be found went from slim to none on Tuesday evening as the U.S. Coast Guard called off their search for the missing boaters at sunset. After covering over 20,000 square miles of water since Saturday afternoon, the Coast Guard decided that if they were ever going to find survivors other than Nick Schuyler they would have done it already.

So in order to find out what happened to the four men who went out on that boat we’re going to have to rely on the word of the rescued Schuyler. Obviously, after going through the ordeal that Schuyler has been through, we can’t be sure anything he says is the truth right now, but he did have some disturbing news about his missing friends.

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Boat Recovered & 1 Rescued, NFLers Still Missing

• The boat carrying missing NFLers Corey Smith & Marquis Cooper has been found, and one survivor was rescued. However, the two players and another passenger still haven’t been found.

Corey Smith Marquis Cooper

• Does Bill Belichick treat all his ex-assistants-turned-NFL-head-coaches the same way?

• Speaking of, Eric Mangini is making drastic changes with the Browns - such as moving the video room up one floor at a cost of $500,000.

• DC Comics’ lawyers come down faster than a speeding bullet on the NBA for marketing “Krypto-Nate” T-shirts without their permission.

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Coast Guard Finds Missing NFL Boat, 1 Rescued

A boater has been rescued from the waters off of Florida’s Gulf Coast, and it’s of the passengers from a boat containing two missing NFL players.

Corey Smith Marquis Cooper

The Coast Guard says they found a person clinging to an overturned boat, and ESPN reports that the rescued person was on the same vessel that was carrying Detroit Lions DE Corey Smith & Oakland Raiders LB Marquis Cooper:

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