Blog Jam: Sexy Surf Babes Riding Waves In Rio

• The ASP women’s pro surfing tournament is in Rio this week, and STEADY BURN washes up some sexy shots of the boarding babes, such as the marvelous Megan Abubo:

Megan Abubo

• BREWERS BLOG boo-hoos news that Corey Hart is not happy hearing all the malcontents at Miller Park.

• The L.A. TIMES shoot up word that former UCLA star Kevin Love would like nothing better than to dunk on Tyler Hansbrough.

• WITH LEATHER tries to figure out which GQ get-up best suits Brett Favre.

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Corey Hart’s Daughter A Bit Young For Beer Bath

Ryleigh Hart is a bit young to be taking a beer bath from the Brewers.

Corey Hart protecting daughter from beer bath

• The Atlanta community theater is proud to present “Oklahoma!”, starring Falcons draft picks Matt Ryan & Sam Baker.

• A male synchronized swimmer is angry that he won’t get to join the ladies at the Olympics.

• Meanwhile, another Olympic swimmer isn’t going to let testicular cancer stop him from going to Beijing.

• About time we had another minor league managerial meltdown.

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Hart’s 2-Yr-Old Daughter Gets Caught In Beer Bath

We earlier informed you that Corey Hart claimed the last NL All-Star roster spot on Thursday, beating out a plethora of opponents. And when news came out about Hart’s selection, his happy Brewers teammates naturally ran in to the press room and gave Corey a beer bath.

The only problem - he was holding his 2-year-old daughter at the time.

Corey Hart two year old daughter Ryleigh

The precious pigtailed cutie in Hart’s lap is the outfielder’s little girl, Ryleigh. Corey was chatting with a few members of the media when word came down that he was heading for Yankee Stadium. All of the sudden, a dozen boys of the Brew Crew came charging in with beer bottles at the ready.

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Longoria & Hart Clinch Final All-Star Roster Spots

The final votes are in, and the last two players to grab an invitation to the All-Star Game are … (drum roll) … Evan Longoria & Corey Hart!

Evan Longoria Corey Hart

As the Internet ballots were tallied up on Thursday, the Rays third baseman & Brewers outfielder finished out on top. Longoria reeled in 9 million votes, besting the Yankees’ Jason Giambi, the White Sox’s Jermaine Dye, the Orioles’ Brian Roberts and the Royals’ Jose Guillen.

Meanwhile, Hart brewed up 8 million votes, a head above the Mets’ David Wright, the Phillies’ Pat Burrell, the Giants’ Aaron Rowand and the Astros’ Carlos Lee.

But we wonder if online voters weren’t a bit confused as to who they were selecting for one last trip to Yankee Stadium. Read more…