Alex Ovechkin Likes Tobacco, Girls, Driving Fast

Alexander Ovechkin is the best pure goal scorer the NHL has seen in quite a while (if he played 20 years ago, he might’ve scored 100 in a season), but the Capitals are a bit perturbed over a story in MAXIM that portrays Ovechkin as a Skoal chewin’, blond lovin’, fast drivin’ rebel.

Alexander Ovechkin Girlfriend Katja

An excerpt from the MAXIM story has made its way online, and it’s one of the more ridiculous things you’ll read this year. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the writer was talking about a Russian version of Corey Feldman, circa 1987. He’s breaking all the rules. Yellow lights? Alex doesn’t slow down for those.

Excerpt after the jump:

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