Tennessee Stickup Victim Sticks Up For Suspects

As Lane Kiffin sifts through the evidence and decides what to do with the three Univ. of Tennessee players who got all robby at a Knoxville gas station on Wednesday, one of the intended victims, Corey B. Zickefoose, is taking a very zen-like approach to the entire affair. In short, Mr. Zickefoose says that the players shouldn’t be kicked off the team. Because hey, it might cost Tennessee a win!

This case gets weirder as more details emerge. For instance, Zickefoose said he told one of the players, who had a gun to his head, that he didn’t have any money: all he had was a cheeseburger, and did the robber want that? But the best part is this glorious quote from the victim:

“Yeah, it’s Tennessee. That’s the way it is sometimes,” Zickefoose said. Read more…