Youth B-Ball Coach Has Sex w/16-Yr-Old On Trip

What kind of a sports news day would it be without yet another story of a coach caught having sex with an underage student? Luckily, today’s quota has been filled by one Joey Strong of AuSable Forks, New York.

Joey Strong youth basketball coach

(Image courtesy WPTZ-TV. [W-Putz?])

Joey is a girls’ basketball coach for Holy Name School, a private elementary school in upstate New York. And it appears that the 35-year-old Strong wanted to give some private lessons to a 16-year-old boy.

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Teary-Eyed T.O. Given Coors Light Ad Treatment

FAN IQ notes it didn’t take long for someone to turn Terrell Owens’ tearful tirade into a Coors Light spoof:

Not bad. A little under-produced, but we get the point. The official Coors Light tag at the end was a nice touch.

The folks from Golden, Colorado, have inspired a new generation of video parody not proudly displayed since all those “Leave Britney Alone!” knock-offs flooded the internet.

Although we enjoyed the T.O. take-off, there have been others just as amusing, if not more so:

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