Euroleague Wants You to Dance With Cheerleaders

Euroleague, the basketball version of soccer’s Champions League, pulls together the best teams from each European basketball league every other year for their own Champions Cup. Their own Final Four takes place in early May. You may want to block out time to be in Madrid for it.

Euroleague cheerleaders

What? You’re not a basketball fan? Or of Europe? Or leaving your room? Fair enough. What if we told you that Euroleague has combined with a sports bra maker for a contest that could win you a trip to Madrid for their Final Four? No, huh? What if we also told you that the contest winner will also complete a routine with their cheerleaders?

Yeah, no problem; we’ll notify your family for you. Go ahead and pack.

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Ana Ivanovic Signed Tennis Dress Grand Prize In Online Contest

ANA IVANOVIC WILL GIVE YOU THE DRESS OFF HER BACK: SbBer Mark serves us up this “Exclusive!” online contest, where the grand prize is a tennis dress signed by Serbian sensation Ana Ivanovic:

Ana Ivanovic 2 photos

TENNIS.COM is actually being a little more generous and offering up *three* adidas dresses, each with the John Hancock of the 19-year-old backhanding beauty.Contestants need to correctly answer a trivia question about Ana (no, not about her turn-ons or measurements), and send in their name and e-mail for a chance at capturing the courtly clothing.

Ana Ivanovic Photos

Of course, what would one do with a signed Ivanovic dress? Frame it? Wear it? Smell it? Sell it back to Dan Holzmann for a hefty profit?