WWE Steroid Hearing Turns Into Royal Rumble

If we’ve learned anything from baseball, it’s that congressional hearings on steroids are the most entertaining things ever. But would it have killed ESPN to televise Vince McMahon’s hearing discussing steroids in professional wrestling? Though it happened a year ago, the transcript was just released from the WWE boss’s appearance on Capitol Hill, and my God is it amazing.

Vince McMahon

(Let’s just say Vince wanted to tell Congress to do this.)

You can read the transcript here, and I highly recommend it. The AP would probably call it “contentious.” Jim Ross would call it a barn-burner. “By God, King, that’s Vince McMahon’s music! He’s here to lay the smack down on those candy asses in the House! Oh, I’ve never seen such carnage!”

And by the way, Vince McMahon stole Frank Deford’s shoe. Huh?

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