Rebel Flag Costing S.C. NCAA Tournament Games

Even though South Carolina is something of a hotbed for basketball, you wouldn’t know it by watching the NCAA Tournament and looking at the sites for games. That’s because of one reason: the Confederate flag. NCAA rules ban any state that continues to fly a Rebel flag from hosting certain NCAA post-season events such as the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And that means no tournament games for South Carolina and Mississippi.

Confederate flag

It’s obviously a touchy subject in those states, even if the reasons for continuing to have the flag are pretty indecipherable for those of us on the outside looking in. But columnist Ron Morris of the COLUMBIA (SC) STATE made a pretty compelling case for why South Carolina is shooting itself in its bare, slack-jawed foot by continuing to fly Old Dixie.

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No Defense For Confederate Flag From South Carolina Coach Spurrier

NO DEFENSE FOR FLAG FROM SC GAMECOCKS BALL COACH: We once called the South home for a dozen years, and are happy to report long overdue news that was in part spurred by a certain bladder-impaired coach at South Carolina.

Steve Spurrier

TOUCH THE ELBOW illuminates: “First it was USC Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier in April, commenting several times that it was time to take it (confederate flag) down. Shortly after, I found myself reading letter after letter to the (Charleston, SC) Post and Courier, attacking Spurrier for daring to question that a Battle Flag of a defeated country, which was never recognized by another government, would fly on a monument on located on the State House grounds.Today something different happened; a major group besides the NAACP came out against the flag.


During our Dixie days, the only thing we found more appalling than the practice of passing off boiled peanuts as a delicacy worthy of consistent consumption was the detestable display of a symbol of diarrhea-inducing division.