Texans Solve Alcohol Abuse… With Smaller Cups

Perhaps it’s just that we’ve never had season tickets to pro football games, but we’ve never understood why people drink beer at them. Yes, it’s football and beer goes with football like you would not believe, but… it’s Sunday, man. Who drinks on a Sunday? Well, let’s rephrase that, otherwise the answer is “us” - who gets drunk on a Sunday?

Houston Texans Glass
(Awww, it looks so sad when it’s empty.)

Well, Houstonians do, it would appear, because Texans fans are up in flabby arms* over Reliant Stadium’s latest trick: quietly switching out last year’s 24 ounce cups of beer for newer, smaller, dare-we-say sexier 20 ounce versions. Hmm? Oh, they’re charging the exact same price? Oh, that’s not kosher.

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