PCs Calculate Chargers’ Chance To Shock Patriots

Can San Diego catch lightning in a bottle twice, and upset New England this Sunday? A website called AccuScore (any relation to AccuWeather?) has run over 10,000 simulations of the AFC Championship Game in Foxboro.

Patriots Chargers

And makes things a little more interesting, AccuScore decided to throw in various factors to see if personnel or locale changes would effect the outcomes.

Would having Philip Rivers or Billy Volek behind center make a difference? Is allowing LaDainian Tomlinson to languish on the sidelines a big loss?

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ESPN Reports Michael Dell May Buy Miami Dolphins

MIAMI DOLPHINS SOON TO SEND IN PLAYS FROM BOMBAY?: Hank Goldberg reported yesterday on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” that Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell is a potential buyer of the Miami Dolphins.

Dell Billboard India

We know the Dolphins are having a tough season but having the plays sent in from Bangalore might not be the best idea going forward.Goldberg also noted that Wayne Huizengacould always sell off a sizable chunk of the team and remain the controlling partner until he sells the rest.”

Right, with Huizenga’s stellar stewardship (1-13 this season, no Super Bowl wins in 17 years), we’re sure that scenario is sure to attract a (leaky) raft of buyers.

Meanwhile, the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that real estate developers Jorge Perez and Stephen Ross are frontrunner to purchase the club outright, but that Huizenga would not sell the team for “less than $1[B].

Beijing Olympics Ticket Sales Suffering From Computer Crashes

OLYMPICS SUFFERING SAME TICKET SNAFUS AS ROCKIES: The Colorado Rockies’ World Series ascension was soured by a sinister online selling snafu. But SbBer Mark learns that they are not alone in tackling ticket terrors:

Mascots Beijing Olympics Colorado Rockies

The INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE sends us news of Beijing’s breakdown of online ticket sales for the upcoming 2008 Games.Just like the Rockies’ sale, overwhelming demand caused the Olympic committee’s computer servers to crash on Tuesday. Within the first hour alone, the site received over 8 million hits, with more than 200,000 ticket requests coming in per second.

Chinese computer keyboard

Unlike the Rockies’ 50,000 seats, the Olympic orders had 1.85 million tix available for purchase, all on a first-come, first-served basis.Further contrary to the Colorado crash, tickets were also for sale at various Bank of China branches throughout the country. Rockies stubs were only offered online.

But again similar to the Rockies ruckus, even bank sales were stopped by the computer snafu. And of the 2 million callers trying to get through on the telephone helpline, many were greeted with a busy signal.

Chinese man telephone

Like most Chinese government agencies, the Olympic ticketing department was refusing to comment on the situation. That’s a little hard for hopeful buyers to swallow, much like the Beijing air.