The Chinese Are Even Pirating National Anthems

Another day, another mini-scandal involving the Beijing Olympics organizers. According to WIRED, they are ripping off the arrangements for the national anthems. Peter Breiner, who did more than 200 arrangements for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, claims that the versions used in the Beijing Games are almost identical to his, a fact supported by a side-by-side comparison by THE WASHINGTON POST. Even this guy would have caught on that something was wrong with the anthems:

Hey, it's Enrico Pallazzo!

This is one of the few glitches in these Olympics, unless you count the fake fireworks, lip-syncing replacements for ugly girls and underage gymnasts. I guess we’re supposed to be surprised by this, but seeing as though China is the home of piracy, and not just in the digital realm, we’re not.

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