ESPN .com columnist Mary Buckheit Apparently Comes Out In Page 2 Piece

ESPN.COM WRITER APPARENTLY COMES OUT IN COLUMN: It may not be a giant blip on the sports media landscape, but Tim Hardaway’s gay-bashing display has apparently caused ESPN Page 2 columnist Mary Buckheit to out herself.

Mary Buckheit Comes Out In ESPN Page 2 Column

In her Friday column posted on about Hardaway, Buckheit writes that she “swore a long time ago that I would never write a ‘coming out’ column. And believe it or not, this isn’t intended to be one. It’s just that this is the first time I’ve been provoked to the point of a certain ancillary admission. … I’ve never actually said those three declarative words to a boss or a coach … or even to my parents.

But this column is not a partiality disclosure — or worse, an Internet announcement to my mom and dad (my father has passed and my poor mother doesn’t know the Internet from her elbow).

From there Buckheit moves on to the larger point of the piece: Hardaway’s comments are relevant not only because it revealed his hate for gays, but that that type of thinking also detracted from his ability as a professional athlete (being distracted by the prospect of a gay teammate).

More interestingly, it took Hardaway’s distasteful condemnation of her apparent lifestyle to inspire her to publicly reveal more about her sexuality.