Cuban Can Cover Devean’s Ding-A-Ling No Longer

We found out from DEADSPIN (via DMN) that Mark Cuban has been forced to credential bloggers for Mavericks games, after a previous, *well-reasoned* ban.

Devean George Dunk

D-Spin Editor Will Leitch puts in a way we wish we could’ve: “At last, those with Movable Type software can finally have the opportunity to see Devean George’s penis. Cuban, of course, isn’t taking this lying down.”

As you remember, Cuban employed “blogger wranglers” to beat down the likes of TRUE HOOP’s Henry Abbott a couple weeks ago at Mavs-Lakers game. Apparently, that strategy didn’t go over too well with D-Stern & Co.

Obviously, Cuban is mentally ill, or he wouldn’t have made an issue over credentialing bloggers in the first place. And as you would expect from someone with a mental disorder, his basic defense for preventing internet-impaired reporters was flawed from the beginning.

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Details Don’t Blog Down Comb-It-Forward Cuban

Mark Cuban is a sick, sad, likely lonely fellow these days. After he banned DALLAS MORNING NEWS blogger Tim MacMahon from the Mavericks locker room (and subsequently all bloggers) for criticizing the team, Cuban is no doubt now only friended by those on the dot com-bust beneficiary’s payroll.

Comb It Forward Cuban

MacMahon shouldn’t feel bad though, Cuban eschews everyone who doesn’t agree with him. That’s what happens to most entourage-impaired well-monied celebrities. Even the ones who have a comb-forward so complex that it would take a team of NASA scientists to work out the geometric properties of such a structural wonder. Read more…