We’ll Soon Be Afternoon-Deep In A Bottle Of Cutty

Today you’ll notice that Christmas Ape of KISSING SUZY KOLBER and DEADSPIN is now on board to post to his heart’s delight.

Hospital Waiting Room

If you’ve read his fine work, you know why we’re ecstatic to have him. Plus, we can now finally sneak away for that worry-free colonoscopy we’ve always dreamed of.

Later today (5p ET) we’ll be appearing on Fox Business Channel’s “Happy Hour.” As if we needed an excuse to be early afternoon-deep in the Cutty.

Here’s The Very Latest On Pedro Martinez’s Colon

We’re in New York at the moment so like every single last one of you in the tri-state area, we’re tuned in to the bloviating wonderment that is Mike Francesa and Chris Russo on WFAN.

Fun with Pedro Martinez's colon!

During their show (1-6:30p!) yesterday, the flatu-rific pair interviewed SI.com’s Jon Heyman, who volunteered perhaps a little too much information when it came to Pedro Martinez’s physical condition. Read more…