ESPN Inadvertently Invents Erin Andrews Buttcam

Come to think of it, staring at Erin Andrews’ hinder for an hour-and-a-half might be preferable to watching LSU-Arkansas in the College World Series. No, check that — is preferable. But why did ESPN have to tease us with only 20 seconds of the divine EA backside, and then swing its cameras back to the game? What kind of mind games are you playing, Norby?

Erin Andrews

Introducing the Erin Andrews ButtCam, unveiled, allegedly by mistake, during Monday’s CWS telecast. Like many of mankind’s great inventions, this indeed may have been discovered unintentionally. Although judging from this photo, maybe not. Read more…

Buzz Bissinger Now In ‘Bloody’ Brawl Over Camera

Buzz Bissinger has gotten the business end from bloggers and many others after his lashing out at former DEADSPIN editor Will Leitch on “Costas NOW” a while back. But, in a guest op-ed written for the NEW YORK TIMES, we can actually sympathize a bit with the “Friday Night Lights” author, for the one thing that can unite us all is dislike of the NCAA.

Buzz Bissinger

Bissinger was looking for the “Pure Sports Experience” while at the College World Series in Omaha recently, and at the end of a lament about the impending demolition and replacement of Rosenblatt Stadium, he recounts a little confrontation with NCAA officials over his camera.

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Fresno State Top Dogs as NCAA Baseball Champs

Hearty congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs for winning the College World Series. The Bulldogs from central California defeated the Bulldogs from Athens, Georgia, 6-1, to claim the 2008 NCAA baseball championship. (Not that Brooks minded the loss by his alma mater too much, as he was too busy chasing bunnies.)

Fresno State College World Series champs

Originally ranked as a 4th seed in the Long Beach regional, the Bulldogs became the lowest seeded team ever to clinch a NCAA national title in any sport. To put it in perspective, Fresno’s victory was like Siena or Winthrop beating Kansas or UCLA to win the Final Four.

As with any good underdog story, Fresno State had to deal with their share of adversity to make it to the top. And who better than ESPN to tell the tales of woe: Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Bengals LB Talks Go-Karts, Not Chad

• Cincinnati Bengals LB Keith Rivers won’t blog about Chad Johnson, but will blog about his team’s trip to the go kart track.

Chad Johnson Go Karts

• THE SENATOR’S FORUM goes behind the scenes of TV coverage of the College World Series - and get a surprise visit from Erin Andrews.

• GOSSIP ON SPORTS runs down all the athletes that hit, kicked and slammed themselves onto the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

• DEADSPIN’s Will Leitch sure hopes the Fenway faithful are nice to him.

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Blog-A-Roni: Boston Boy Baptized At Fenway Park

• Holy Sox! WITH LEATHER blesses us with virtuous video of a young Boston boy having his baptism at Fenway Park.

Fenway Park baptism

• The CANADIAN PRESS hurls up news that ex-Flames star Theo Fleury will be takeingsome swings for Calgary’s minor league baseball team. Maybe he can use one of the Vipers’ 10 new bats.

• CHICAGO BULL has its eye on Indianapolis, as they take in the sights, sounds & smells of the Speedway.

Mike Florio of PRO FOOTBALL TALK professes pride in his 11-year-old son for staring a rock band.

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College World Series May Be Out of Omaha By 2011

COLLEGE WORLD SERIES MAY BE OUT OF OMAHA BY 2011: The ping at Rosenblatt may soon fall silent, as the College World Series may be looking for greener pastures:

Rosenblatt Stadium entrance

The OMAHA WORLD-HERALD pitches us news that the NCAA’s current listing of the 2011 CWS doesn’t mention a host site. This small omission has the folks in Omaha concerned, since the College World Series has been held in the Nebraska city for the past 58 years.The NCAA has been mulling over the option of moving the college baseball championship out of the 1948-built Rosenblatt Stadium.

College World Series parking girl

An NCAA spokesman said the early event posting sans-city was a routine procedure. But if the organization decides to say ta-ta to Omaha, other cities have been eyeballed as potential Series hosts.The three locales reported to be in the top running are Indianapolis (home of the NCAA), Oklahoma City (home of the Women’s Softball World Series) and Orlando (home of Disney World).

Omaha mayor Mike Fahey has been pushing the idea of building a new downtown ballpark for the Series and for the minor league Omaha Royals.

Kevin Costner Save Rosenblatt

Meanwhile, a local group has recruited the likes of Kevin Costner to help save the park and keep the CWS at the ‘Blatt.It’s bad enough for Nebraskans to have lost their pigskin dominance, do they ned to lose their ping bling, too?