Celebrity Scores Again: Alberts To Be College AD

We’ve got nothing against ESPN analyst Trev Alberts. He seems like a nice enough guy, and the way he took a stand against ESPN management in 2005 — costing himself his own gig there — was both strong-willed and honest. Nonetheless, all the nice things you can say about Alberts don’t make his appointment as the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s new athletic director any more sane.

trev alberts

Consider this:

  • Alberts has never been a coach at any level, and now he’s going to be in charge of hiring all the coaches for an entire school, from football (maybe he can pull that off) to gymnastics (whuh?).
  • For the entirety of Alberts’ professional career, he has been a talking head, so he’s never done a day of work where he wasn’t reading from a teleprompter.
  • UNO is almost certainly leaning on his celebrity status and Nebraska roots — he was an All-American linebacker and Butkus award winner for the Huskers in 1993 — to impress candidates, yet that’s never landed other Nebraska alums at any of his prior posts.

All-in-all, the move seems like a pretty enormous leap of faith to think that Alberts can run the school’s entire athletic department. Coach the football team? OK, maybe we’d buy that. Run the budget for 15 different varsity sports in the middle of an economic recession? Do we even know that he’s successfully run his family’s grocery budget before?

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Why I’ll Root Like Hell For Mike Leach On Saturday

Mike Leach’s undefeated Texas Tech Red Raiders will be center stage Saturday as they host #1 Texas in Lubbock. The game reps the pinnacle of Leach’s coaching career, which has seen him go from the smallest of colleges to coaching football in Finland to an assistant-ship under Bob Stoops at Oklahoma.

Mike Leach as Van Gogh Painting

(Creepy: Leach has painting of himself as Van Gogh in his office)

I’ll be rooting like crazy for Leach, because he’s the kind of guy that makes the main media uncomfortable. The reason he isn’t a bigger name on the national scene? He’s always in control of the conversation during interviews, which the hair-gelled types in Bristol despise.

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He doesn’t fit into the little, tidy box that the College GameDay crew wants him in. The Bob Stoops, Urban Meyer buttoned-down profile. Kinda like Kansas’ Mark Mangino last season, who was generally ignored by ESPN & Co. despite authoring one of the most astonishing stories in the history of college football.

Mangino and Leach, though different personalities, are the same guy. Outsiders. You can put Pat Hill in that group too. Too honest, too quirky, and in some cases, too innovative. Take for instance Leach’s attempt to get the head coaching jobs at UCLA and Miami in recent years. Read more…

BlogJam: Toledo Ranks Number One at Something

  • JALOPNIK brings you the “Ten Best Tailgating Vehicles,” which includes Toledo fans and their ambulance - which would be a more appropriate tailgating vehicle for Mets fans.
  • Toledo Jambulance

  • DEADSPIN examines the role jerseys will have in today’s tilt of college football games. Penn State responds to Georgia’s Blackout with Whiteout?
  • THE 700 LEVEL spots Sarah Palin at “Pat Burrell’s favorite pick up spot, the Irish Pub.
  • END ZONE BUZZ ranks “Tebow Vacations at Neverland Ranch” as their number two pick of the “Inappropriate Signs of the Week” from today’s College GameDay crowd in Athens. We’d give you number one but its…inappropriate.
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Auburn Dean: “Don’t Boo While LSU Is Killing Us”

Despite a 3-0 record going into tonight’s tilt with LSU, the natives are a bit restless at Auburn after the team scored three points last week against Mississippi State (and still won). So much so that the Dean thought it necessary to send an email to the student body informing them that booing is “for squares,” or “totally lame,” or…what is it the kids are saying these days?

Auburn fans can't spell

(thanks to dawgsports.com for the photo)

The letter sent by Dr. Johnny Green not only discouraged negative vibes, but also warned against acting like idiots in the background of ESPN’s College Gameday, which is airing live from outside Jordan-Hare Stadium as we speak. Luckily, the letter’s full contents have been made available via these fine internets we inhabit.

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ESPN College Gameday Not Coming To Hawaii Anytime Soon

‘COLLEGE GAMEDAY’ WON’T GIVE UP BIG TEN TO HANG TEN: Sure, ESPN College GameDay will go to Williamstown, MA, but they won’t waste their time with Waikiki:

Gameday Corso Indian headdress

The HONOLULU ADVERTISER reports that the college football show won’t be setting up outside Aloha Stadium any time soon. They will, however, head for the New England town this weekend to watch Williams College and Amherst College meet for the 122nd time.GameDay host Chris Fowler notes that bringing the program to Oahu would require lots of logistical planning, while dealing with high costs and limited facilities.

But that doesn’t bother Kirk Herbstreit: “I keep telling Chris and Lee (Corso) we need to get out there for GameDays.”

SbB girls Anyssa Jenna Waikiki Hawaii

Fowler added he would love to hang in Hawaii and have a great time, “if you promise me that fans will show up at 5 in the morning.”In getting his words in, Corso kowtows to the company line, proclaiming, “It is cost prohibitive; I’d never go out there if I was running ESPN.”

Yeah, the network needs to devote that money to more important projects, like “Who’s Now”.

Lee Corso Nude

It’s too bad the crew isn’t coming. Corso could’ve worked on his tan.