Speed Read: McNulty Makes “Offer” To Big Ben

Andrea McNulty, the woman who has sued Ben Roethlisberger for allegedly raping her last year, has had her credibility and motivations called into question many times since her lawsuit was filed in July. But now, in an attempt to make her seem both less crazy and less of a gold digger, she has offered to withdraw the lawsuit.

Ben Roethlisberger Andrea McNulty

Oh, if it were only that simple. As you’ll see, McNulty’s “offer” may seem like a noble pursuit, but it stipulates that Big Ben do the one thing he’ll never, ever do. So, without further ado, here are the three conditions for having the lawsuit dropped:

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Will FOX Give BCS Games To ESPN A Year Early?

A few months ago, we learned that ESPN is taking over the television rights for all of the BCS games starting in 2011 (the games at the end of the 2010 season). And Brooks has theorized that ESPN’s acquisition of the games will actually help make a college football playoff a reality.

Thom Brennaman and Tim Tebow

(Is the Brennaman-Tebow love affair coming to a premature end?)

Now, FOX — the lame-duck broadcaster for the games with one year left on its contract — is reportedly prepared to let ESPN take over a year early for the right price. Because the “national championship” game is going to be played at the Rose Bowl, ESPN already owns the rights to the game in addition the regular Rose Bowl game. So that means FOX would be stuck with two OK games and then a ratings-killer along the lines of Virginia Tech-Cincinnati. And unless Florida misses out on the title game, we wouldn’t get to hear Thom Brennaman gush about his bromance with Tim Tebow anyway.

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ESPN Reminds Us It Will Outlast President Obama

Remember how Barack Obama promised he would use some of the resources and goodwill of the Office of the President to work towards a college football playoff system?  Remember how he reiterated it on “60 Minutes”? Remember how those that make their money at the teat of the college bowl system giggled like snide schoolgirls at the notion that anyone, including the leader of the free world, could upset their golden apple cart?

No Obama sez BCS

ESPN has entered the fray and would like everyone to remember just who keeps the warm bathing green-like-money-tinted lights on around this here BCS now and they don’t mind that bowl system at all. Dave Bowen, the VP of programming at ESPN, told the MOBILE PRESS-REGISTER that “… the next four-year cycle is done, so a playoff is not a consideration at this point.” Hmmm … how long is a term of office for the President?
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Obama Solves Economy Through Football Playoff

President-Elect Barack Obama sticks by his promises, no matter how difficult.  He proved he knew the hearts of middle America when he told Chris Berman on Monday Night Football just before the election that he would push for a college football playoff system.  No, it’s not what everyone wants, but he knew how to start a good sports argument, which everybody loves.

Barack Obama holds football

However, like everything associated with Chris Berman, no one believed it was a serious pursuit. And yet he will repeat the same demand for a college football playoff system on “60 Minutes” tonight.  He already has the job, so he doesn’t have to say it to win votes.  So now we have to wonder… just what the hell are you thinking, Mr. President-Elect?
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