Rollback Tide? BCS Trophy Displayed At Wal-Mart

If you hurry you can still get in line to see the BCS Championship Trophy down at the Tuscaloosa, Ala., Wal-Mart, where it will be on display today for the masses who will also appreciate the store’s low, low prices on trucker caps and plastic dinnerware. It’s part of a mini-tour that will also find the trophy at the Gardendale, Ala., Wal-Mart on Sunday, before it heads to the University of Alabama campus for good. One oogle per customer, please.

WalMart trophy

Anyway, too bad nobody wanted to see it. Here’s a twitpic of the line today to view the trophy … wait, do I detect shoplifting occurring in aisle seven? Call security! It’s a madhouse, as you can see.

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SbB’s Got Your College Football TV Schedule Here

Two hundred forty days. That’s how long it’s been since an interesting (thus excluding the last two days) college football game has been played on this planet. Two hundred forty days - that’s a long time to wander in the darkness. We may have done some things we weren’t proud of, just to stay alive; we’re not going to say. Those times are over because today, it’s Morning in America.

Throw on your best team gear, stock up on Fan Cans, sit back, relax, and strap it down. That’s right, y’all, it’s GAMEDAY. We know it’s been a while, you might be having trouble getting back into the swing of things. Let us help you out, with a list of every single televised college football game this weekend. Pick your games wisely and pace yourselves; we’ve got a long season ahead.

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The Homeless Man Who Will Save College Football

Over the years, college football’s BCS system has come under fire from just about all corners. Coaches hate it, the Senate wants it abolished, even cartoon characters are against it. In fact, it’s safe to say that apart from the corporate fatcats getting rich off of the biggest scam in sports, there really isn’t anyone with a brain and the capacity for rational thought that thinks the current system is fair too anyone but the top echelon of football powerhouses.

So yeah, anyone with a brain knows the system sucks. But when even the nation’s crazy homeless people are rising up against the broken BCS system, you know there’s a problem. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Washington DC, where an - ahem - slightly obsessed homeless man has made BCS reform his life’s work. Hey, at least he’s working.

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Non-BCS Conferences Give In To BCS Demands

It’s a scientific fact* - the only people who like football’s BCS system are the people who are getting rich off of it. The suits who run the BCS conferences and athletic programs, the corporations who sponsor college football games and broadcasts, the  sham “non-profit” organizations whose “revenue in excess of expenses” overfloweth - these are the people who love the BCS, and unfortunately it’s their opinions that count when it comes to any potential reorganization of college football.

Boise State Oklahoma 2007 Fiesta Bowl

(Small conference football doesn’t matter, right?)

The non-BCS conferences have been complaining about this for years. Programs like Boise State have proved that teams from smaller conferences can compete and win at the highest levels of competition. The Mountain West and Western Athletic conferences and people like Sen. Orrin Hatch have been yelling loud and clear that the system is broken. But when given an opportunity to take a stand and strike a serious blow to the BCS’ legitimacy, what did the MWC and WAC do? They signed an agreement to keep the current system in place. So much for social justice.

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College Football’s BCS Comes Under Perjury Fire

College football fans don’t agree on much. You’ve got your Michigans versus your Ohio States, your Floridas versus your Georgias, and your Notre Dames versus, well, everyone. One thing pretty much everybody agrees on, though, is that the BCS in its current format is a woefully corrupt system that needs revamping in some way shape or form.

The problem, of course, is the money involved - big schools, TV networks, and sponsors all make a killing out of the postseason farce that is the BCS. Not that they’d admit it, though. At congressional hearings this month, the BCS representatives in attendance claimed (under oath and with a straight face, no less) that the money in the college bowl scam goes to charity. YAHOO! SPORTS called BS and the results are pretty damning, as in, criminally damning.

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K-State KO’ed By Prince-ipal Payment Problems

Unless you live in Kansas or harbor a severe masochistic streak, you’d be forgiven for not following Kansas State football the past few years, as the once-proud program went from Big XII powerhouse to laughingstock in the matter of a few short years under comically inept head coach Ron Prince.

Ron Prince with Will Ferrell

(You stay classy, Ron Prince.)

Over the past 24 hours, however, the Kansas State Wildcats have stormed back into the consciousness of college football fans in a way they never could on the field, with a whopping tale of intrigue involving deposed coach Prince, secret backroom deals, illegal contracts, shell companies, shady boosters, and the firing of former athletic director Bob Krause.

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ESPN Could Force College Football Playoff In 2011

I mourn the loss of another wonderful college football season, which was full of so many compelling games and storylines this year. But the season is now over for me, as the BCS bowl system has turned all postseason games save one into a meaningless, laughable endeavor.

Barack Obama Grant Teaff

(DUMBASS: Coaches Assoc. Pres. “laughed out loud” at Obama’s playoff suggestion)

That wouldn’t be true for all of us if there was some semblance of a playoff system, which has been resisted by power drunk dinosaurs like Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany and Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen all these years. And even though every single coach in college football has said he wants a playoff, the man who leads their coaches association, the rapidly-fossilizing Grant Teaff, says he still opposes a playoff and “laughed out loud” when he heard Barack Obama suggest that a playoff was a good idea.

Now with ESPN committing to a five-year deal to broadcast BCS Bowl Games beginning in 2011, the chance of a playoff system being implemented looks, on the surface, even dimmer. But don’t be fooled, things are going to change. And soon.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the economic meltdown and subsequent government bailouts in the past month, laws, rules and contracts are made to be broken - as long as there’s the perception that it’s in the public’s best interest. When I see, hear and read about the college football playoff debate, the details always bog down the discussion. Those details mainly being TV contracts held by the BCS game rights holder.

Obama speaking out about a playoff changed the rules though, and all bets could be off if he and/or Congress got involved. Between that and politically adroit sports media behemoth ESPN soon taking over the rights,  I think we will see the NCAA adopt an 8-team playoff for college football beginning in 2011. Read more…

Mizzou QB Chase Daniel Says a Husker is a Spitter

Missouri’s Chase Daniel looked to be playing with some anger on his face during yesterday’s 52-17 smackdown of Nebraska.

Chase Daniel

Prior to the game, however, it was spit that could be found on the face of the Tigers’ quarterback. Daniel says an unnamed Husker player spit on him during pre-game warmups. There’s no need to call on Jerry Seinfeld and Keith Hernandez to solve this mystery, though. Chase knows who it was.

The quarterback who had to feel another man’s saliva on his face tells the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, “I never (had that) done before. I’m not going to say who it was,” Daniel said. “He knows who it was and that’s bush league.”

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Virus Outbreak Keeps Some USC Students Home

Watching last week’s loss to unranked Oregon State might have left a bad feeling in the stomach of USC student’s stomachs, but that stomach pain is nothing in comparison to the vomiting, diarrhea and stomach-cramping that might be dished out at the Coliseum tonight.

USC Song GIrl V for Victory

(V is for Victory Virus)

An outbreak of what is being described as a “highly contagious gastrointestinal virus” has hit the USC campus, leaving at least 75 students in the hospital for treatment. In a campus-wide email sent early Saturday morning, Professor Larwrence Neinstein, M.D warned students who do not feel well to “stay at home, take plenty of fluids, and not socialize until they are feeling better.” In regards to tonight’s game the professor states, “we would rather you watch it on television than chance infecting your fellow students.”    

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Irish Eyes Smiling, Weis’ Leg Aching After ND Win

In the first meeting between Charlie Weiss and Rich Rodriguez, it is Notre Dame’s Weis who walks away victorious. Actually he’s not walking, Weis is limping with the support of crutches and a leg wrap. Yes, they make crutches and a leg wrap large enough for the ND coach.

Charlie Weis on Crutches

In the second quarter of Notre Dame’s 35-17 manhandling of Michigan, Irish defensive end John Ryan was blocked into the back of Weis’ leg during a punt return. Weis, who was looking in the other direction following the play, was blind-sided by the 6-5, 264 pound Ryan, suffering the same exact injury of former pupil Tom Brady - torn ACL and MCL.

Unlike Cal’s Jahvid Best, who was also blind-sided today, Weis, thankfully for all of us, did not vomit.

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