Miss. State Playboy Cheerleader: Vh1 Reality Pilot

Three weeks ago I reported that a current Mississippi State freshman cheerleader named Taylor Corley had modeled nude in November for Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

After my report, Mississippi State subsequently released a statement about the 18-year-old, with a school official indicating that since Corley had posed for Playboy before she enrolled at MSU, she had been allowed to remain on the MSU cheer squad. (Mississippi State officials were also not aware of her nude modeling when she was offered a cheerleading scholarship.)

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Wednesday I got in touch with Corley for an update on her situation at State and with Playboy - among other things.

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Miss. State Statement On Cheerleader In Playboy

Dr. Bill Kibler, Vice President of Student Affairs at Mississippi State, has released a statement regarding the school’s reaction to MSU cheerleader Taylor Corley posing nude in Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos


“If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action. However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall.”

As I reported Monday, Corley remains a current member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

In talking to several sources this morning about the situation, I’ve learned why MSU chose not to remove Corley from the school’s cheerleading squad.
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UK QB And UK Cheerleader Accused Of Assault

Bizarre news out of Lexington early Friday morning as University of Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline was arrested after a disturbance in a local neighborhood.

Mike Hartline Ashley Carnes Accused Of Assault

(Hartline and cheerleader Carnes)

According to the LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER, Hartline, 22, was charged by authorities with “second-degree disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication in a public place and failure to notify the department of transportation of an address change.


According to police reports, Hartline and another UK student, Ashley Kathleen Carnes, reportedly assaulted a woman.

“There was a verbal altercation and, possibly, a physical altercation,” police spokeswoman Sherrelle Roberts said.

That other student allegedly involved in the assault, Ashley Carnes, also happens to be a Kentucky cheerleader.

Ashley Carnes Mike Hartline

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Oregon Legal Troubles Extend To Cheerleaders

The EUGENE (OR) REGISTER-GUARD reports today that the legal problems of the Oregon football team have officially infected the cheerleading squad.

Molly Maginnis Oregon cheerleader

Molly K. Maginnis, 18, was detained after trying to parallel park her black Chevrolet Equinox. Read more…

Oregon Cheerleader Hit By Bottle Was Hospitalized

After the Arizona-Oregon game in Tucson Saturday night, Oregon cheerleader Katelynn Johnson was, while still on the field, struck in the head by a full water bottle apparently thrown from the stands.

Katelynn Johnson

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN sets the “terrifying scene” Saturday night:

Oregon senior associate athletic director Joe Giansante, who announced the Ducks’ television replay broadcast in the corner of the field where Johnson was hit, said several items were being thrown toward Oregon players after the game.

“As the team was coming in, they were getting bombarded with water bottles, batteries, and various other items coming out of the stands,” Giansante said. “We were yelling at everybody to keep their heads up, but one got through and hit Katelynn in the head. All the kids (on the cheerleading team) are scared, but hopefully she’ll be OK.”

Brutal, inexcusable behavior by the Arizona fans.

Johnson sustained a concussion but has since been released from a Tucson hospital and returned home to Eugene.

Katelynn Johnson

The ARIZONA DAILY STAR reports that University of Arizona police have every intention of finding the person who injured the Oregon cheerleader and charging them with a crime. Read more…

Minnesota Cheerleaders: Sailing With The Captain

Miserabilia weather at Penn State today for The U and the Lions.

Minnesota Cheerleaders Captain Morgan Confiscated By Penn State Security

You would figure the Minnesota cheerleaders are especially expert at warming techniques, and they certainly didn’t disappoint us at Happy Valley today.

Minnesota Cheerleaders Captain Morgan Confiscated By Penn State Security


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Enjoy The UConn Cheerleaders While You Still Can

On Wednesday, Brooks informed us that the University of Connecticut had banned its cheerleaders from doing any death-defying stunts during athletic contests, done out of concern of the cheergirls’ chances of suffering serious injuries - and concern of the lawsuits that are likely to follow.

UConn cheerleaders

(You won’t be seeing this anymore)

But such a decision by UConn officials puts the Husky cheerleaders on a slippery slope. (”Husky” referring to the nickname of UConn’s sports teams, not necessarily the physical condition of the cheerleaders.) Why, if they’re going to keep the girls from standing on each others’ heads & leaping to the ground, what’s to stop them from disbanding the cheerleading squad altogether? The gals can still suffer strained shoulders from all that arm-raising & fist-pumping, not to mention the terrible wear on their vocal chords from all that shouting - and the school could be held liable.

So before things in Storrs come to this inevitable conclusion, let’s take a moment to appreciate what might soon be removed from Rentschler Field & hauled away from the Hartford Civic Center.

(Photos after the jump.)

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