NJ Man Invents “Shatterproof” Wood Baseball Bat

Last year, more than 2,000 bats broke during the last three months of the Major League Baseball season. Last April, a woman at a Dodgers game had her jaw broken by a chunk of Todd Helton’s shattered bat. One of the main reasons that youth and college leagues use metal bats (which are more dangerous for pitchers) is because the cost of constantly replacing broken wood bats is too high.

Ward Dill batmaker

All of these things got New Jersey resident Ward Dill to thinking. What if he could make a wood bat that doesn’t break? The MIT graduate got to work and eventually did just that. Now, Dill’s radial bats, which are made out of wedges that fit together rather than a single piece of wood, have been approved for use by the NCAA. Dill envisions a day where metal bats are pushed out by his new creation.

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College Coach Fired For All-Star Resume Padding

These are hard times at Chicago State University. The school came under fire after a state audit showed the university was spending public funds on cruises, theater tickets, and alcohol. The president of the university, Elnora Daniel, stepped down amidst these charges.

Former Chicago St. University Baseball Coach Husain Mahmoud

Now the athletic department has its own share of problems. The men’s and women’s tennis coaches were fired, and the athletic director was given the boot. The cherry on top for CSU’s athletic troubles come from the baseball field. Read more…

Brog: Buss Blows Off Boston, Busted In Las Vegas

If you travel this space regularly, you know I’m going to be moving from South Beach to L.A. shortly. Now if I’m able to make it back home by this weekend, I’ll goto Game Five of the NBA Finals at Staples between the C’s and Lakers. And have coverage on SbB.

Jerry Buss Lacey Jones

(We’d rather have poker pro Lacey Jones play with our stack too, ol’ Doc Buss)

I didn’t make it to the first two games of the Finals in Boston, which isn’t all that surprising. But what may have left some Boston fans befuddled is that Lakers Owner Jerry Buss and daughter Jeanie Buss (also Phil Jax’s GF) didn’t go either.

Jeanie stayed back in her Marina home, ordering in (C & O?) for the games. Meanwhile, her father decided a poker tournament in Vegas was a higher priority, which means “double-down” is now taking on a whole new meaning for ol’ Doc Buss.

Now, anyone who follows the Lakers is in no way surprised at this revelation. In the case of elder Buss, this is the same guy who refused to come home from a vacation in Italy to attend to the final, fateful Shaq-Kobe blowup - which eventually led to O’Neal’s ouster (hindsight: that was Buss’ plan all along).

Jeanie Buss basketballs

(Jeanie’s priority #2 - after Phil’s Doan’s pills - score Hef courtside seats)

The only thing surprising regarding Jerry passing on Game 1 & 2 in The Bean is that he didn’t do it from the O.G. in Vegas.

Wait a minute, who said he didn’t?

And of course, Jeanie has her priorities too, like setting up Hef for his Game 3 digs on 1111 South Fig. Playboy’s Hugh Hefner will make a rare appearance at a Lakers game on Tuesday. More importantly, he’s bringing his three fake girlfriends with him.

Girls Next Door

(Yes, the old goat will be courtside too)

So, I think I might be able to make it out of Miami by Tuesday night. If I do, I’ll be filing from the road. Hopefully I’ll be able to scare up something interesting along the way but don’t hold your breath. Read more…