Coastal Carolina Track Coach Gets Into Arrest Act

You have to say this about Coastal Carolina University: they might be a small school, but their level of commitment rivals that of any major college powerhouse. Unfortunately, this commitment seems to be towards getting as many members of their teams arrested as humanly possible. Whether it’s football players or golfers, all too often some member of the Chanticleers is making news for all the wrong reasons.

Cross country

(Is this runner exhausted, or hung over? You make the call!)

It’s a bad sign that I know that their teams are called the Chanticleers just because of the number of times I’ve had to write about one of their athletes getting arrested. But this time it’s a totally different story: it’s coach getting thrown in jail, with the MYRTLE BEACH SUN NEWS saying that track and field and cross country coach Jeff Jacobs was arrested for a DUI early Saturday morning. Who says that the older generation can’t learn from the kids of today?

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Sports Movies Fudge The Truth Sometimes? Wow!

CCU’s Golfers Are Just Like Their Football Team

On almost every college campus, the football players are the BMOCs, and I would suspect that the atmosphere is no different at Coastal Carolina University is no different than any place else. So we shouldn’t be that surprised that members of their men’s golf team decided to copy the cool kids by going out and getting arrested.

New Coastal Carolina golf logo?

You might remember the Chanticleers’ football team for trying to keep up arrest-for-arrest with Penn State leading up to their game earlier this season. The MYRTLE BEACH SUN NEWS reports that three members of the golf team have gotten in on the fun, having been written up for alcohol charges after a traffic stop on Saturday. And yes, this is a story that involves drunk golfers in the South, but no, John Daly was not driving.

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Pics of Northcutt’s Knocked-Up Knocked-Down GF

• We proudly(?) present photographic proof of the facial pummeling taken by Dennis Northcutt’s pregnant girlfriend.

Sharri Henry Dennis Northcutt girlfriend

• Tennis star Novak Djokovic is more than happy to score this kind of love - pretty Paraguay Olympian Leryn Franco.

• Despite the chance of a career-ending injury, Shawne Merriman feels the “knee-d” to play in 2008.

• A 12-year-old female hockey player vows to lace ‘em up again after suffering an on-ice stroke.

• The lowest-rated player in Madden 09 gets to prove his stuff on the field for real tonight.

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Coastal Carolina Football Goes For Arrest Record

Coastal Carolina University has only had a football program for five years, so in an effort to turn things around as quickly as possible, the Chanticleers have taken the Cincinnati Bengals’ approach to roster-building: find guys with police records who also happen to be pretty good football players, and pray they don’t get arrested.

Coastal Carolina

So far, so bad on that front for CCU. This morning, they had their third player arrest in a week, presumably in an effort to match the incarceration totals of Saturday’s opponent, the Penn State Nittany Lions:

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1-AA Foe CCU Playing Up To Penn State’s Potential

Hey, look at that: a football player commits sexual assault and is promptly suspended. Yesterday, we mentioned that an Ohio high school couldn’t decide whether “delinquency by gross sexual imposition” was reason enough to kick a 17-year-old off the team.

William Chandler Coastal Carolina

Apparently, Coastal Carolina University is much more serious about sexual misconduct, and as a result, the football program will be short one law-breaking wide receiver for the foreseeable future:

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