HS Fires Swim Coach For Team’s Abusive Shirts

Well, this is a new way to get fired. Unsatisfied with just doing his job at Seymour (Conn.) High School, swim team coach Kevin Quill tried to fire up his team by dappling in the motivational screen printing business. His subject? A member of his own team who had quit after not being named captain.

shoes floating on pool

(Another of Quill’s motivational techniques: Throwing shoes at slow swimmers.)

Hence shirts emblazoned with “The Mascot is a quitter,” a message that sounds fairly benign until you realize that the player in question was actually named Mascot. Even more ridiculously, Quill tried to defend the action, saying that the shirts were, “not poking fun at the student (Mascot), but instead were poking fun at the situation.” How exactly a shirt that is only clever in how it uses the word mascot as a double-entendre is poking fun at the situation, we have no idea. What situation? The fact that the kid’s name was Mascot? That’s a situation?

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La Russa Still Believes McGwire Never Did Steroids

Bryan Burwell of the ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH chronicles a recent chat he had with Cardinals manager Tony La Russa on the eve of spring training.

Tony La Russa

While down in Florida, Burwell approached the St. Louis skipper about the subject of steroids - and more specifically, the legacy of Mark McGwire. La Russa still firmly believes that the former St. Louis slugger never used any performance-enhancing drugs. Such a stance lead to some interesting dialogue between reporter and manager: Read more…