Brazilian Soccer Coach Punches Ref During Game

Woody Hayes. Buddy Ryan. The names have become synonymous with ridiculous outbursts in which the coaching idols drilled either opposing players or their own assistant coaches. Well, now they’ve both been upstaged by Pedro Santilli, the manager of Brazilian soccer club Comercial, who took out an opposing player and a ref on a single run out on to the field.

pedro santilli brazilian coach comercial

(Guess which one likes to punch refs? Here’s a hint: He has white hair.)

According to the soccer blog THE SPOILER, Santilli was upset with a call and wanted to inspire his team, which was facing relegation from Brazil’s top division with a loss. Unfortunately, when he grabbed a second ball and ran out on the pitch with it to try and show that his team deserved the ball, he also ran over a player from the opposing team, Catanduvense.  But that didn’t stop the former assistant coach of the Brazilian national team. No, instead he went right back over, picked his ball back up, walked up to referee Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (who had just ejected him) and drilled him with a nasty right uppercut.

That’s right, in one span of approximately 60 seconds, a coach ran over a player like a speed bump and punched a coach. That has to be some kind of land-speed record. Luckily, we have video of the incident after the break, so you can time it for yourself.

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Tech’s Mike Leach: NFL Coaches Are Lazy Idiots

Leave it to Mike Leach to burn any bridge he might have to a future NFL coaching gig with one loudmouth quote. According to this piece in the DALLAS MORNING NEWS (via our buddies over at WITH LEATHER), the self-styled offensive genius, pirate aficionado and dating Texas Tech coach, is accusing NFL coaches of being too dumb to coach basic football fundamentals like a three-step drop to a quarterback … and using that as a boilerplate excuse not to draft his latest superstar tutor, Graham Harrell.

(If you can make a pistol with your hand, Leach can teach you a three, five and seven-step drop. He guarantees it.)

In fact, Leach had even stronger words about an inability to coach up a young quarterback: “Any coach in the NFL who can’t do that ought to be fired!” Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, coach.

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UConn’s Calhoun Pimp Slaps Down A Media Whore

So Travis the chimp isn’t the only one in Connecticut going apesh*t this week. On the heels of career win no. 799, Jim Calhoun had to deal with an itinerant political activist and freelance journalist (in that order), and man did Jim shut him down.

Jim Calhoun

Ken Krayeske, a local personality best known for being arrested for breach of peace at the governor’s inaugural parade, tried to take Calhoun to task for his $1.6 million salary at a time when Connecticut’s budget deficit is soaring. Jim, as you’ll see, was having none of it.

Video after the jump.

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HS Fires Swim Coach For Team’s Abusive Shirts

Well, this is a new way to get fired. Unsatisfied with just doing his job at Seymour (Conn.) High School, swim team coach Kevin Quill tried to fire up his team by dappling in the motivational screen printing business. His subject? A member of his own team who had quit after not being named captain.

shoes floating on pool

(Another of Quill’s motivational techniques: Throwing shoes at slow swimmers.)

Hence shirts emblazoned with “The Mascot is a quitter,” a message that sounds fairly benign until you realize that the player in question was actually named Mascot. Even more ridiculously, Quill tried to defend the action, saying that the shirts were, “not poking fun at the student (Mascot), but instead were poking fun at the situation.” How exactly a shirt that is only clever in how it uses the word mascot as a double-entendre is poking fun at the situation, we have no idea. What situation? The fact that the kid’s name was Mascot? That’s a situation?

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Piniella Thinks The Cubs Could Use Mental Help

Ignoring perhaps the most important sports maxim ever — that games are decided on the field — Lou Piniella is getting somewhat desperate to turn the Cubs into winners (or at least lovable losers). Sweet Lou is convinced the problems are all in their heads.

Lou Piniella

Piniella is turning to proven winners like Phil Jackson and John Wooden, and a number of sports psychologists, to settle Chicago’s mental turmoil. The signing of free agent Milton Bradley immediately invalidates any of Piniella’s strategy.

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