Cabbie-Punching Coach Not Taking It To The Hole

Poor Andy Kennedy. Recall, if you will, the Ole Miss basketball coach’s arrest last fall after being accused of assaulting a cab driver while shouting ethnic slurs at him.¬†Yes, we live in a post-9/11 world, but you can’t go punching anyone named “Mohamed” in the face. 9/11 didn’t literally change everything. And though Kennedy vehemently denies the charges, according to Cincinnati’s WLWT NEWS (via FRIENDS OF THE PROGRAM), the whole ordeal has claimed a whole new victim: Mrs. Kennedy’s quivering vagina.

Andy and Kimber Kennedy

(The aggrieved couple, in happier, sexier times)

Indeed, Kimber Kennedy, Andy’s wife, has actually filed a countersuit at the cab driver & the valet driver who corroborated the initial charge, claiming among other things that the accusations had harmed the couple’s relationship - including their sex life.

(Kimber, if you were trying to figure out a way to get mentioned on SbB, mission accomplished.)

And though the suit has yet to go before a judge, we have a feeling what the Kennedy wife’s statement to the judge will be, below the jump:

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Ole Miss Coach Arrested For Assaulting Cab Driver

Andy Kennedy has made a newsworthy return to the city of Cincinnati. The former Bearcats basketball coach is back in town to lead his Ole Miss Rebels in action against Louisville tonight.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss coach

(Coach Kennedy, undoubtedly shouting something about a man’s mother and a camel)

Then again, he might not. There’s a tiny little matter of Andy allegedly assaulting a cab driver, all while spewing forth racial slurs at the cabbie.

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