CNN Stamps Trivial Olympics Headline On T-Shirt

The moon landing. McGwire’s 61st home run. And … news of algae potentially affecting sailing competitions in this year’s Beijing Olympics. Not to play the role of Carnac here, but it’s pretty evident what all three of these stories have in common. You all remember EXACTLY where you were when you heard about them. But how, oh how, can a nation capture these moments?

CNN t-shirt on Olympics

Why, on a t-shirt, of course. Now, if you want shirts with the moon landing or No. 61 on them, you’re on your own. Fortunately, CNN has us covered (at least the torso and shoulders) with their new endeavor, “CNN Shirt.” Read more…

CNN Sean Taylor Graphic Gaffe Rankles Hugh Chavez

CNN SEAN TAYLOR GRAPHIC GAFFE RANKLES HUGO CHAVEZ VOICE OF AMERICA reports that Venezuela’s garden variety mass murderer, Hugo Chavez, “has called for an investigation into U.S.-based CNN, saying the news network was seeking his assassination after its Spanish-language channel ran an image of him next to a caption that read, ‘Who killed him?’

Hugo Chavez

CNN later claimed, earlier this week, that text for the image “had been meant for a story about Washington Redskins football star Sean Taylor, who died Tuesday in Florida of a gunshot wound.“But logic and truth never stops Chavez, who still called CNN’s mistake deliberate and “accused the network of possibly seeking to “instigate a political assassination.