Vegas Hockey Squad Awash In Alternate Jerseys

Hockey teams have traditionally worn (and sold) only home & road jerseys. But in the last few years, many franchises have added an alternate uniform or two to the lineup, in an effort to spice things up on the ice & move out more merchandise to the fans.

However, the Las Vegas Wranglers may have overdone it a bit.

Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL skates over news that the minor league club has shown off up to 15 different jersey designs during its brief 5-year existence. Read more…

Ashley Judd’s Low-Cut Dress Dazzling At Daytona

David Newton of ESPN’S NASCAR blog dresses up news of Ashley Judd turning some heads at Daytona with her choice of pit row gear.

Ashley Judd low cut dress at Daytona

The actress appeared at qualifying on Sunday to show support for her husband, rookie NASCAR racer Dario Franchitti. But Ashley was showing little support of her own, as she pranced around the pits in a low-cut number adorned with tulips.

Judd’s choice of pit row apparel apparently goes against track clothing etiquette. Women are supposedly not allowed to wear dresses, tank tops or open-toed shoes, while guys can’t wear short pants or sandals. But NASCAR doesn’t seem to mind Ashley’s error.

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New Shaq Suns Jersey Should Suit Him Just Fine

No sooner did Shaq turn his head & cough, the Suns already have O’Neal’s jersey for sale. And LE BASKETBAWL grabs a sneak peek at the big man’s new court clothing:

Shaq's new Suns jersey

Such duds should suit the often-aching Big Aristotle just fine.

Bonus Coverage: Liddell Once Part of SB Security

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED chats with Chuck Liddell about being a Super Bowl VIP. But the big guy has been to the Big Game before - as a security guard.

Chuck Liddell with ladies

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s HASHMARKS talks with NFL Films prez Steve Sabol, who remembers trying to sell a dozen seats to the first Super Bowl: “I was only able to sell two tickets for $6.”

• ODENIZED realizes Donyell Marshall hasn’t played in a while - but to hit the court without your jersey?

• THE MONEY SHOT is Sure they’re Right (Guard) with their selections of college basketball’s sweatiest coaches.

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG learns that Larry Johnson’s not the only Chief with expensive tastes in jewelry, as Dwayne Bowe shows off his bling.

Dwayne Bow bling

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING thanks the Jimmy Kimmel Show for putting together a retrospective of Emmitt “Word” Smith.

• Clip ‘n’ save: Tom Hoffarth of INSIDE SOCAL runs down FOX’s Super Bowl Sunday schedule. (*Spoiler alert* - the festivities conclude with a very special episode of “House”.)

• LOSER WITH SOCKS uncovers a fashion faux pas among the Crimson Tide - Bear Bryant’s hat was not houndstooth.

Blog-O-Rama: Daniel Synder Is Al Davis Version 2.0

• SIGNAL TO NOISE believes Redskins owner Dan Snyder is the second coming of Al Davis.

Dan Snyder Al Davis

• Darren Rovell of CNBC bets how many times Peyton Manning’s name will be invoked at the Super Bowl.

• Meanwhile, BRAHSOME gambles on what tunes will be in Tom Petty’s halftime repetoire.

• BULLZ-EYE dribbles up a nice chat with Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters.

• WITH LEATHER gets an eyeful of Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner posing nude.

Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner poses nude

• AOL FANHOUSE learns Gilbert Arenas is a big fan of Will Leitch’s new book.

• Michael Smith of ESPN rings up some stories behind certain Super Bowl jewelry.

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Mizzou Wants To Say Toodle-oo To Fan’s Website

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that the University of Missouri is suing a St. Louis attorney to shut down his fan site. Strangely, it’s the same site that the school had a chance to buy seven years ago - for $50.

Mizzou -or more specifically, the school’s licensing company - is demanding Richard Lorazo close down his blog, and provide financial records of all merchandise sold through his site.

Mizzou Kitty Logo

However, Lorazo contends that his MU-inspired logo, the Kitty, isn’t breaking any trademark laws. And his clothing line hasn’t been such a bonanza, as he told the COLUMBIA TRIBUNE, “I think I sold one thing in the last two years.”

But will Richard allow himself to be pussy-whipped by the Tigers?

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Starbury Sneakers Slide Onto Clearance Shelves

With ankle surgery scheduled for Tuesday, Stephon Marbury’s season (and probable New York career) appears to be stuck on the shelf.

Much like his shoes.

Starbury shoe

The NEW YORK POST checks out news that the Knick’s Starbury sneaker line has been tossed in the bargain bin. Sportswear seller Steve & Barry’s has slashed the shoe’s price in half in most of their strores - from an already affordable $14.98, down to $7.99 a pair.

This doesn’t bode well for Stephon’s shoe stakes, as he was hoping to expand his sneaker line to other outlets. More importanty, his contract with S&B expires this summer - so Stephon could have trouble selling his soles.

What business options does he have left?

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Packers Fan Tapes Up Son For Not Wearing Jersey

One Green Bay fan wanted to share his Packers pride with his son - whether the kid liked it or not.

Packers Rodgers Jersey Duct Tape

WISC-TV reports that Matthew Kowald was arrested for restraining his 7-year-old son with tape, after the boy refused to wear a Packers jersey. (Maybe it was Mark Chmura’s.)

Authorities say the mother of the boy called police on Saturday, after Kowald tied his son up with tape and kept him that way for about an hour - even taping the offending jersey onto the kid for a time.

Two charges against Kowald - causing mental harm to a child and false imprisonment - were dropped on Wednesday. But the tape-mad Packer backer was still ticketed for domestic disorderly conduct.

Kid wearing Packers jersey for 4 years

Bet Kowald wishes he had this kid.

Sir Charles Said To Spawn Speedo if Celtics Win 72

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY catches this promise (or threat?) from Charles Barkley if the Boston Celtics reach 72 wins this season:

Charles Barkley McDonalds cup

I’ll walk from Atlanta to Phoenix in a Speedo.”

Lucky for Chuck that the TNT studios are in Hotlanta instead of New York. Otherwise, that would be quite a chilly first half of the journey for Sir Charles.

But there’s only one word to describe the vision of Barkley bedecked in barely-there briefs:

Charles Barkley Frank Caliendo


Lake Show Becomes Leg Show With Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts?

Lakers short shorts

Kobe wears short shorts.

In an attempt to bring back the glory days of their ’80s rivalry with Boston, the Lakers donned tiny trousers during Sunday night’s game against the Celtics. The shorts were on display through the first half.

Kurt Rambis Lakers assistant coach

Even Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis broke out the glasses & mustache that made him such a memorable member of L.A.’s heyday.

Did it work? Well, the Lakers scored the first basket…and that was their only lead of the night, as L.A. came up short in a 110-91 loss.

If the shorts scheme didn’t work, maybe the Lakers should try returning to the Forum. But they’ll have to wait until after “Praise Party 07“.