Is Kardashian Back On Dancing With The Stars?

Who had a better night on Monday? While Reggie Bush might have returned two punts for touchdowns for the Saints, his team still did lose. Meanwhile, his main squeeze Kim Kardashian might be back on Dancing with the Stars, as E! ONLINE reports that she is in line for a repeat visit after Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor ruptured her Achilles’ tendon prepping for her latest dance.

Kim Kardashian and Misty May-Treanor

Replacing May-Treanor with the already-eliminated Kardashian might strike some people as a weak attempt to replace one sex object with another, but really it a…OK, who are we kidding - that’s exactly what’s going on here. Would you rather see Cloris Leachman shake her Granny wares at you? I didn’t think so.

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