Stanford Fullback Goes Both Ways (NTTAWWT…)

Before the season started, one particularly intrepid reporter for OREGONLIVE.COM noticed that Stanford coaches were enamored with fullback Owen Marecic, and that Marecic had also been playing well at linebacker in practice. That reporter, Ken Goe, said that Marecic “may play two ways next season,” despite the fact that making a man play 60 minutes while everyone else is playing 30 is insane.

Owen Marecic
(We can’t really tell what’s going on there, so we’ll go ahead and assume that Marecic is putting his hand through the opponent’s eye sockets and into his brain because that’s what a badass would do.)

Lo and behold, that’s where we are; in the practice for Stanford’s upcoming tilt against new Pac-10 overlord Oregon, the Cardinal’s leading tackler, Clinton Snyder, ripped up his left knee and is gone for the season. Anyone want to take this one? Anyone who’s not already starting on offense? Anyone? No? All right, Marecic; time to kick twice the ass for the rest of the season. No pressure!

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