Congressman To Blow Off Obama For BCS Biggie?

Florida Congressman Cliff Stearns has a big problem. The representative of the Gainsville district is, appropriately, a die-hard Florida fan who is desperate to watch Thursday night’s BCS Championship Game between his beloved Gators and Oklahoma. Like most people, he usually would be able to … except that his job is getting in the way: Congress is certifying the results of the Electoral College’s official vote on the presidential election right about the time the game kicks off in Miami.

cliff stearns
(Not pictured: Stearns’ “I Heart Tebow” t-shirt)

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, via THE SPORTING BLOG, Stearns has come up with a solution: Just delay the vote for everyone! Stears has officially sent a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi requesting a night recess and rescheduling of the vote to allow members to , “attend this historic game.” Here’s your spoiler alert: Stearns was the only congressman to sign the petition.

That’s right folks, Cliff Stearns thinks that college football is more important than certifying the leader of the free world … after arguably as significant election as this country has ever had … in the middle of a massive recession. Take note Barack Obama: This is the man that the state of Florida trusts with defining its priorities?

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