Dallas Stars Get New 757 Plan For Luxuy Travel

NHL WILL TAKE THE VERSUS DEAL, THANK YOU VERY MUCH: While the NHL has fallen off the map for most people outside the Original Six cities, financially the league has never been healthier, thanks to a salary cap that probably saved 60% of the teams.

So even while teams like Detroit and Colorado fail to fill seats, the bottom line has never been fatter for the league.

Dallas Stars New Team Plane

How else can you explain the new 757 ultra-luxuy jetliner that is transporting the Dallas Stars across the fruited plain? Estimated cost of non-custom 757 in 2002: $65,000,000.The DALLAS MORNING NEWS (via HAWG SPORTS) points out that the plane can accomodate “71 total passengers, including 24 fully-reclining, 360-degree swiveling sleeper seats for the players, and has 47 other first-class seats located in three other sections throughout the plane.

Also included:
• upgraded video entertainment system
• iPod docking station at each seat
• two electrical outlets and phone jacks at each seat
• a bar in the back
• four-seat couch

So while we all have a pity party over the Versus deal, the Southwest Airlines of sports leagues proves they ain’t exactly making peanuts.