Someone Needs To Put Helmets On Those Cocks

Steve Spurrier is known for being something less than a strict disciplinarian (See exhibits A, B, and C). Which is fine, in some respects. Players shouldn’t be scared of their coach, and a happy player is often a motivated player. But Steve, there’s a difference between being a little lax with the rules and ignoring basic safety regulations. (This message brought to you by Jackie Chan.)

Steve Spurrier

Freshman tailback Kenny Miles became the third South Carolina player in less than a year to be injured in a scooter crash, suffering bruises and abrasions. Tight end Nick Prochak (broken leg) and DE Clark Gaston (bruised knee and hip) went down in January in their own scooter mishaps. None of them were wearing helmets, BECAUSE SOUTH CAROLINIANS ARE REBELS. So what’s the Old Ball Coach going to do about this striking breach of common sense?

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