6′8″ HS Girl Still Throwing Down Dunks (w/Video)

Recall, if you will, the next big thing to happen to women’s hoops, in the form of 6′8″ (and still growing!) Brittney Griner, of Houston Nimitz High. Griner’s set to attend Baylor next fall, and barring any ACL disasters, will be dominating the WNBA shortly thereafter. So what’s she up to now?

Brittney Griner

If you guessed throwing down dunks again, you’re right. BALL DON’T LIE has video from a recent Nimitz playoff game, and not surprisingly, she’s still dominating. You can see her dunk–not like girldunk like when Lisa Leslie barely got the ball over the hoop or David Robinson’s yawners, I mean with authority and hanging on the rim with one hand. She doesn’t do it over anyone in the highlights, which is a shame. I mean, it’s bad enough when a guy dunks right in your face, but what do you call it when a girl does it? Teabagging is right out, but what is it? Clambaking? Leave suggestions in the comments.

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