Timex Is Not On Eli’s Side In Jersey Ad Patch Flap

It’s hard to say which is more ridiculous: the logo creep on practice jerseys in the NFL (hardly an outfit that needs to squeeze moneyblood from rocks), or Eli Manning’s high-level endorsement deal with Citizen watches. And now, those trains collide in yet another indication that the NFL is only tangentially about football.

Eli haz a watch
(One time in high school, I was playing football and I forgot to take off my watch before I went on the field. The little dial on the side dug into my arm on a play and I did some bleeding. I hope Eli doesn’t make the same mistake because it didn’t really hurt much, but it sure was embarrassing.)

You see, the Giants have inked a practice jersey ad deal with Timex. It makes sense, since Timex’s slogan is “takes a self-inflicted bullet to the thigh and keeps on ticking” and all - oh, but didn’t the Giants waive Plaxico? Now I just don’t know what to believe - which creates a bit of a conundrum for the quarterback.

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