Citi Field Is Already A Huge Architectural Disaster

I used to sit in the press box at Shea Stadium for several years, and since I wasn’t exactly the most important guy in the room, my seat was below a large pipe whose purpose I never quite understood. All I know is that it often dripped what I assume was water, though I usually try not to think about the source. I’m just glad they have a nice new stadium there now so this kind of stuff doesn’t happen anymore.

Citi Field Subway Stop

(New name, same problems.)

What’s that? Citi Field is already a crumbling mess? FANHOUSE’s Tom Fornelli, citing a NEW YORK POST report, says the new stadium is riddled with structural issues even though the debut season isn’t even over yet. No word on whether the issues are related to a shirtless Tony Bernazard challenging the stadium to a fight.

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