Bengals Asst. On Petrino: “Gutless MF. Use that.”

The Cincinnati Bengals visit the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday, which means Bengals Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer will return to the Georgia Dome as a coach for the first time since 2007.

Mike Zimmer

(Mike Zimmer: Molder of men, reader of minds)

Three years ago Zimmer served on the Falcons staff blindsided by the departure of then-Atlanta head coach Bobby Petrino. With three games left in what turned out to be a 4-12 season, Petrino resigned without notice to take the head coaching job at the University of Arkansas.

Coward Petrino Letter

(Lawyer Milloy in 2007: Co-sign)

When Zimmer was asked by Tom Archdeacon of the DAYTON DAILY NEWS his thoughts about returning to Atlanta, the Cincinnati assistant unloaded an unprompted verbal assault on Petrino.

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Pics Of Andre Smith At BengBLLAARRGGUUAAHH

Here’s two photos of Andre Smith at Cincinnati Bengals training camp yesterday:

Andre Smith at Cincinnati Bengals Camp

An offensive lineman out of the University of Alabama, Smith was the sixth overall selection by the Bengals in the 2009 NFL Draft and reportedly currently weighs 370 pounds. Read more…

Cincy TV Sports Anchor’s Pointed Draft Coverage

Dave Burchell of WKRC-TV in Cincinnati gives us some local Bengals flavor on the first night of the NFL draft:

Cincinnati TV Sports Anchor Clyde Gray Says Prick Instead Of Prick

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Who Rey? Cincinnatians Were Ones ‘Humiliated’?

Bless his heart, Rey Maualuga apologized to his fans today with a Tweet:

Chelsea Fauver Rey Maualuga

“Sorry for bringing humiliation n embarrassment to this Organization n to dis great city of Cincinnati.”

While Maualuga’s heart is in the right place with that, I wouldn’t classify the fallout to the citizens of the Queen City as “humiliation.

Now if the Bengals linebacker ends up Chelsea’s court-ordered “show and tell” subject in a few weeks, then maybe.

New Cincinnati Bengals Life Coach: Tank Johnson

Tank Johnson has apparently taken on the role of Life Coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, witness this Tweet from Saturday morning:

Tank Johnson Tweet: It's Never Ok To Drink And Tweet

(But wait, there’s more!)

Hopefully Cincy players have Johnson on follow, because never was a man more qualified for that job, or as a player on the Bengals, than Johnson.

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Mugshot: NFLer Rey Maualuga Charged With DUI

The KENTUCKY POST reports:

Rey_Maualuga Mugshot

(Gene Simmons? Anyone?)

Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was arrested for driving under the influence early Friday morning. Covington police arrested 23-year-old Maualuga around 2 a.m. Friday.

Chelsea Fauver

(18-year-old Chelsea Fauver in car with Maualuga)

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Comedy Central’s Chris Henry Jokes: Too Soon?

Since you upgraded from basic cable in 1987, I recognize you probably don’t know who Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh is. I on the other hand, thanks to a recent stay at a Hampton Inn just outside Reno, was recently introduced to his intellectually-inspired comic genius.

Comedy Central Chris Henry Joke By Daniel Tosh

Take for instance Tosh recently going Bertuzzi about Chris Henry’s tragic death. Brilliant!

Chris Henry jokes:

View Results

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Did NFL Help Stop Ocho’s Henry Jersey Tribute?

Adam Schefter wrote on his account this morning that Chad Ochocinco won’t wear #15 for the Bengals today - in what would’ve been a tribute to his fallen teammate Chris Henry.

Adam Schefter Claims Chad Ochocinco Won't Wear Chris Henry's #15

Yesterday Geoff Hobson reported about the possibility of the tribute on the Bengals’ official website, The piece, which I linked and can still be seen in Google search results, included Ochocinco saying that he wouldn’t wear the #15 jersey if Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis deemed the move a distration.

Apparently Lewis and the Bengals did indeed convey that message to Ochocinco, in more ways than one. The article by Hobson has been scrubbed from the team’s official site - but not before it was also noted at and

NFLPA Offers To Pay Ochocinco Fine For Henry Jersey Tribute

The website deletion of the story of the Bengals is doubly interesting when you consider the NFLPA yesterday announcing that it would “cover” the fine of Ochocinco by the league if he wore Henry’s #15. Read more…

Ochocinco #15 Tribute: Not All Players Enamored?

Chad Ochocinco has made it known this week that he might wear Chris Henry’s #15 jersey against the Chargers this Sunday as a tribute to his fallen teammate. If he does, the NFL has given no indication that it won’t fine Ochocinco for a uniform violation.

NFLPA Offers To Pay Ochocinco Fine For Henry Jersey Tribute

Earlier today, George Atallah of the NFL Players Association announced on his Twitter account that the “NFLPA will cover any fine levied on @OGOchoCinco imposed by the league and match it with a gift to our Chris Henry memorial fund.

Seems like a classy gesture, but XPRS-AM reporter Marty Caswell in San Diego reported today on her Twitter account that not all NFL players apparently were in agreement with the NFLPA announcement:

Apparently Not All NFL Players Enamored With Ochocinco Henry Tribute

As far as NFLPA saying they’d cover Ocho’s uni fine, that’s news 2 the player reps I talked to who termed it absurd & haven’t voted on it.

Caswell is a seasoned reporter on the Chargers beat, so I have no doubt that what she posted is true.

Was that the kind of reaction from the players most of us were expecting? Of course not.  Read more…

Claim: Henry Said ‘I’ll jump off truck & kill myself’

Carrie Whitaker of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has an account of Tuesday’s Chris Henry incident in Charlotte from a man who claims he’s Loleini Tonga’s neighbor. Lee Hardy told Whitaker that he witnessed - from only a few feet away - a heated exchange between Tonga and Henry as they sped past him in a pickup truck.

Chris Henry's House Tire Tracks In Front Yard

Lee Hardy, a neighbor, said he was trimming his trees on a 15-foot ladder as he watched the yellow pickup truck zoom past him - with Henry in the bed and his fiancee Loleini Tonga at the wheel.

“He was banging on the top, on the doors, screaming at the lady, ‘We need to talk,’” Hardy said.

“He said, ‘If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself,’ ” Hardy said.

Hardy said he was less than 2 feet from Tongas’ driveway when the pickup drove past. He said it was going about 25 to 30 mph.

Hardy also talked about Tonga as a neighbor. Read more…