UC Made BCS Title Game? Kelly Wanted To Coach!

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly makes a comment to Tony Krausz of the FORT WAYNE JOURNAL-GAZETTE, via Da Wiz, that might just give us a hint about his true character.

Brian Kelly

(Mirror, Mirror … *crack*)

If the Bearcats were in the championship game, there is one certainty — Notre Dame would have had to wait to name Brian Kelly its football coach if the university wanted him to lead the Irish.

I know I was going to coach in the national championship game. I made that really clear,” Kelly said during a roundtable interview with a small group of reporters Tuesday. “Every job I’ve taken is because I want to play for a championship. When you have the opportunity to play for a national championship, I’m going to be on that sideline.”

Brian Kelly House Egged

Ahhhh, so THAT explains it!

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Brian Kelly Reports Cincinnati House Was Egged

Notre Dame Football Coach Brian Kelly Tweeted this today from his Cincinnati home:

Brian Kelly House Egged

(Kelly’s Cincy Exit? Far From (Over) Easy)

Kelly returned to Cincinnati this weekend after being introduced as Notre Dame coach last Friday.

Based on the nature of Kelly’s abrupt departure as Univ. of Cincinnati Coach to Notre Dame in the same capacity, I doubt this news surprises anyone. In fact, a Bearcat football player foretold the possibility of a local backlash on the day Kelly announced to the team he was leaving for Notre Dame. Read more…

Heated Over Kelly, Bearcat Hangs Up On Interview

Last night Univ. of Cincinnati receiver Mardy Gilyard accused his former coach Brian Kelly of not being completely truthful with the team in the past about how much interest the coach had in the Notre Dame job.

Mardy Gilyard Criticizes Brian Kelly


You may have seen clips or read additional excerpts of Gilyard’s incendiary comments from outside the UC football banquet hall last night. Last night Gilyard also went on Fox Sports Radio where he eviscerated his former coach, eventually hanging up on the interview. Read more…

Classless Brian Kelly Ripped By Cincinnati Players

Ryan Ernst of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports on what UC quarterback Tony Pike said about the prospect of coach Brian Kelly accepting the Notre Dame coaching job before the Bearcats banquet on Thursday:

Brian Kelly

“He told us from the get-go that we’d be the first people to know whatever he decides,” senior quarterback Tony Pike said Thursday evening before the team banquet. “We’re going to keep him at his word. We’ve trusted him this far and we’re going to believe what he says.”


Turns out the UC players were the absolute last to know, relegated to learning the news via ESPN television reports while their former coach slinked around banquet’s host hotel hallways flanked by security guards. Read more…

Main Media: How Do We Know Kelly’s Pro-Choice?

Haugh today:

The toughest ones have nothing to do with his well-documented background working for Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart 25 years ago or Kelly’s alleged pro-choice beliefs.

Hayes last Saturday:

Then there’s the latest controversy that’s lighting up the message boards of what might be the most plugged-in fan base in the nation: Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly is said to be pro-choice.

And Keown of ESPN.com today:

Should Kelly’s apparent pro-choice stance remove him from consideration?

“Alleged.” “Said to be.” “Apparent.”

At this moment, those are the only three main media sources reporting about Kelly’s view on abortion. Did anyone actually consider picking up the phone and asking the coach? Or using their handy media credential to query him in person?

Apparently not.

I searched online media archives all day today trying to find one reputable media reference to Kelly’s stance on abortion. I found none. That isn’t to say that the coach isn’t pro-choice, but if his view on such a polarizing subject in our society isn’t immediately clear, why is anyone in the main media speculating on the impact it would have on the Notre Dame football coaching job? Read more…

Cincinnati Bearcats ‘Adopt’ Young Cancer Patient

One of the marks of a good college football coach is what he encourages his players to do off the football field. No, check that - what his players actually do off the field. It’s not like coaches at discipline-troubled schools actually tell their players to commit crimes and cheat on test. But a coach who has his players acting right and making a difference in the community? That is a good coach.

Cincinnati Bearcats Mitch Stone Cancer

Brian Kelly, for example, is a good coach. Aside from the Bearcats’ considerable success on the field (21-6 for the last two seasons, Orange Bowl bid in 2008, 5-0 and ranked 8th this season), the program is squeaky-clean, a welcome development after the eyebrow-raising regime of Bob Huggins on the Cincinnati hardwood. So as they prepare for their biggest game of the season - a road test at #21 South Florida tonight - they do so with the help of Mitch Stone, the 12-year-old cancer patient that they’ve “adopted.”

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Erin Andrews To “Start Thinking About A Family”?

It’s been disconcerting to see the rather muted appearances of a college football fixture like Erin Andrews this season. Yes, she’s been around, and yes, she’s certainly got an excuse for a decreased presence, but we’ve been a little disheartened all the same. Has this whole peephole stalker thing really gotten to her?

Erin Andrews on Oprah

If we had to guess, we’d say “yes, it has.” That’s because in her recent interview with FANHOUSE, Andrews still had good things to say about her job; she just also had good things to say about things that weren’t her job, namely cutting back her work and, in her words, starting a family.

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Ole Miss BBall Coach Pleads Guilty in Assault Case

Last December, Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy was back in his old stomping grounds of Cincinnati, where he had previously taken over the Bearcats on an interim basis after Bob Huggins bugged out. And during his visit, Kennedy saw some old friends - and made new enemies, after he was arrested for cursing out & assaulting a cabbie.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

It became such a shocking & embarrassing story that Andy’s wife Kimber actually countersued the cabbie, claiming that the ordeal had taken its toll on the Kennedys’ sex life. Well, Mrs. K, get ready from some hot ‘n’ heavy conjugal cuddling with your hubby, as Andy has pleaded guilty in the case.

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Cincy Radio Host: Bearcats Breed Illegitimate Kids

When you’re in a conservative city on the border of the South and the Midwest, and that city has not one but two significant college basketball programs chock full of recruits from around the country, there are bound to be cultural conflicts between the city’s traditional base and the teams that are now a significant part of the city itself. That’s exactly what’s happening in Cincinnati, and the results are getting ugly. The latest proof? Conservative radio host Bill Cunningham opined this morning that University of Cincinnati basketball players are, “poppin’ those things (illegitimate children) out like cherry pits out of one’s mouth.”

bill cunningham cincinnati radio
(Meet the new Don Imus: Now with even more overt racism!)

He really said it, folks - we’re not making this kind of bigoted trash up, as you can see and hear at this FAN NATION post. In fact, the entirety of Cunningham’s quote was a lot more inflammatory than that. Here it is, though you might want to brace yourself to hear every rash, racist “player” stereotype that can get thrown out about African-American athletes. You can also hear it in a video clip right after the jump. Ready? OK, here we go:

“How many illegitimate children does the UC men’s basketball team have? I heard it’s more than a half dozen.” Cunningham responded to himself, ignoring his producer’s conciliatory reply. “So there’s some hangin’ and bangin’ going on at the Shoemaker Center after the game. … [T]hey’re poppin’ those things out like cherry pits out of one’s mouth.” Cunningham openly mused.

Clearly, Cunningham has gone way beyond the bounds of reasonable comedic radio journalism. In fact, he’s gone way beyond the bounds of taste and, in our opinion, employability. Clearly, he’s forgotten Don Imus and how his “nappy-headed hos” comment went down over at Rutgers a couple of years ago.

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Speed Read: Bearcats Go Bust In Their BCS Debut

It started so well for Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech. On their first drive of their first-ever BCS bowl game, they marched down the field and scored a touchdown thanks to a pair of big receptions by TE Mardy Gilyard. It was an instant 7-0 lead and a sign to anyone switching over from the dog that was the Rose Bowl that this game could be good.

Cincinnati QB Tony Pike after throwing another INT against the Hokies

And then…pfft. Cincinnati spent the rest of the game playing like a team that was scared to death of being on the big stage. Meanwhile, the Hokies were being the Hokies - physical,  methodical, boring - and just doing enough to salt the game away. The end result? A 20-7 Virginia Tech victory that was moderately more fun to watch than the Sun Bowl. (Hey, at least El Paso had The Village People!)

Meanwhile, in Japan…well, it’s your usual assortment of weirdness from the world of K-1. Specifically, their latest fight card was headlined by Bob Sapp, who combines the physique of Butterbean with the MMA fighting skills of Kimbo Slice into one freak show package that the Japanese can’t get enough of even if no one in the US cares. (Sort of like Cheap Trick.)

Bob Sapp versus a cartoon character

His latest opponent? Um, some guy in a wrestling mask that Sapp outweighed by 140 pounds. And oh yeah, the guy he fought was based on a cartoon character named Kinnikuman. Basically, it’s like if Brock Lesnar fought against the actual Captain Crunch. No, I don’t get it either, but I don’t get most Japanese things (Shonen Knife, sushi, Bobby Valentine). CAGE WRITER has analysis of the card and video of the Sapp/Fictional Character match:

Here’s what else was happening while you were breaking some to all of your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Bad news for Florida Gator fans: AWFUL ANNOUNCING says that according to Fox, Tim Tebow has apparently decided to transfer to Cincinnati. And play right tackle. And convert to Islam. Either that, or the graphics department at Fox is a mess.
  • Tim Tebow playing for Cincinnati

  • UTEP back-up QB Jeken Frye was attacked on New Year’s Eve by a group of known gang members who came to the house he was at armed with crowbars and metal water meter covers. Not to make light of a serious situation, but honestly - metal water meter covers?
  • The roof of the Ora L. Wildermuth Intramural Center at Indiana was damaged by careless welders (wasn’t that a Wham song?), according to the AP. It’s named after the former school president from the 1930s and 1940s who favored strict segregation. Chuck D. says to let the sucker burn.
  • In case you missed it (and frankly, I can’t imagine that you did), video has finally been posted of David Hasselhoff’s triumphant National Anthem performance at the Las Vegas Bowl. And you know what? He’s not quite Marvin Gaye, but it wasn’t a Carl Lewis-style meltdown, either.
  • CAGE WRITER has another UFC fighter doing a Rampage Jackson impersonation: Josh Neer was arrested after leading Iowa police on a lengthy, high-speed car chase. Yeah, but it wasn’t a monster truck, and he sure didn’t have his picture on the side of his car.
  • The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has word of a girls high school basketball player who is suing her school because she was injured while scrimmaging against men. But the good news is that the way her shoulder separated was very fundamentally sound.
  • Eastern Washington head basketball coach Kent Earlywine missed out on coaching his team against Boise State on Monday, according the SPOKANE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW, because he had been popped for a DUI that weekend. But he was able to watch the game online. I guess he had his “wine” a little too “early,” huh? (Insert rimshot here.)
  • The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE says Minnesota Golden Gophers head hockey coach Don Lucia is suffering from an “undisclosed illness” and might miss his first-ever game in 22 years of coaching the team when they take on Brown tonight. I once went a whole three weeks at my old job between missing time with an “undisclosed illness,” otherwise known as being hungover.
  • The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE debunks the latest Manny Ramirez rumors, saying “it would be a mistake to put too much stock” into rumors that have the slugger coming to the Giants next season. Still, if you think Dodgers fans hated Barry Bonds
  • Don Larsen might have pitched the only perfect game in World Series history, but the SEATTLE TIMES says his flight from Idaho to New York to tape a segment for the new MLB Network was a perfect mess, turning a 60-hour trip into six days of travel hell.

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