UFC Newcomer Brings Along Beautiful Model Bride

Yoshihiro Akiyama just signed with UFC last month, but the MMA fighter is already making a name for himself - not necessarily for his in-ring ability, but for who he’s married to outside of it.

Yoshihiro Akiyama Shiho

Akiyama, also known by his Korean name Chu Sung-hoon, recently tied the knot with a popular Japanese model named Shiho. Dating since January 2007, the happy couple announced their blessed union the 21st-century way - by posting messages on their respective web sites.

As the KOREA TIMES informs us, Akiyama told the world, I have something to say. Shiho Yano and I have registered the wedding,” while the excited bride showed a little more emotion in her comments, proclaiming, “I’m comfortable to be with Akiyama. I’m grateful I met him.”

Although very popular in her home country, Shiho is relatively unknown here in the States. But with a few ringside appearances to cheer on her hubby, that could change. Further photo evidence after the jump.

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